People ‘Sickened’ After Woman Buys Stranger’s Ashes From Bizarre Listing


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Following the revelation by one user that she had bought the ashes of a total stranger on Facebook Marketplace, TikTokers were left baffled and terrified.

The internet marketplace is well known for featuring some extremely odd postings, but the most disturbing has got to be the bits of a real dead corpse.

The seller was offering “2 oz of ash and bone” in glass vials for $30 plus shipping, according to a user who was obviously shocked to see the listing and took to TikTok to share the information.

TikToker Lauren the Mortician was drawn to this video and made a stitch with the initial video about the listing. She then requested to be sent the link so she could see it for herself.

A few weeks later, Lauren revealed the major secret: she had purchased some of the ashes.

“Grandma has arrived,” she wrote, as she unboxed the package to reveal a box containing a small glass vial full of ashes.

Containing the ‘backstory’ that was being given with the ashes for an extra $5, the parcel included a brown envelope with the word ‘Lauren’ inscribed on the front.

When asked by a viewer whether the vial really seemed to contain ashes, Lauren responded: “It’s real. You can see me in real time confirm… bc I see the [bone] fragments.”

While unpacking the ashes, Lauren was ecstatic about her acquisition, but not everyone was as thrilled.

Some folks found the purchase to be really repulsive.

“This is so wrong,” one person commented, while another added: “Omg why would she do this?”

Lauren’s video caused further controversy when it was shared on Reddit, where one person commented: “The glee and excitement she had in the first video when she said she was going to buy them is sickening.

“Like, I get people have morbid curiosity etc, but to be that happy about it is disrespectful. And inappropriate considering her occupation.”

Credit: Reddit

Lauren has faced criticism for her decision, but she has also been inundated with more heartfelt messages from those who are aching to know the ‘backstory’ behind the ashes.

“I’m here for the drama and I want to know the backstory too,” one fan commented.

Another couldn’t resist joking: “Perfect time for gift giving at xmas for that special someone.”

Although Lauren hasn’t responded to the several requests to reveal the narrative behind the ashes just yet, maybe it’s a lighthearted account of someone’s desire to travel and meet new people rather than something darker.

Death Row Murderer Admitted ‘Mistakes’ And Shared Bizarre Secret Message Before Execution

Before releasing a pretty odd hidden message just before his execution, a death row murderer apologised to committing “mistakes.”

Even if we won’t acknowledge it, we’ve all definitely at least considered what our parting words would be. They could be a heartfelt passage from a book or movie, a poetry, or even just a simple “thank you.”

However, not many of us have the same intentions as this convicted killer, who repeated the name of a vegetable.

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Robert Charles Towery became the 1285th murderer to be put to death in the US since 1976 when he received a lethal injection in Arizona in March 2012.

After robbing Mark Jones’ home in 1991 and strangling him to death, Towery received a death sentence.

He went to the 68-year-old’s house with accomplice Randy Barker, who had previously lent him money and employed him as a mechanic.

Towery flashed a gun while Barker handcuffed him and removed belongings from the residence.

The murderer then poisoned him with battery acid before tying him up with plastic ties and strangled him to death.

The couple were apprehended after a security guard reported seeing them abandon the car in a parking lot the day after Jones’ body was discovered.

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In exchange for testifying against Towery, Barker received a plea agreement and was let out of jail in 2001.

Towery, who was 47 years old at the time of his execution, looked to start crying as he apologised for his actions and seemed to be overcome with regret.

He said: “I would like to apologise to Mark’s family and friends for what I did to them. I would like to apologise to my family.

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“So many times in my life I went left when I should have gone right and I went right when I should have gone left. It was mistake after mistake.”

His dying comments were strange and confusing, puzzling both the audience and the general public when they were spoken.

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His last words before the lethal injection were simply: “I love my family. Potato, potato, potato.”

It turns out that the mention of the carb was a message intended for his nephew, who saw him executed.

According to reports, the code words related to the sound created by a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and were a message that only he could decipher.

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According to Towery’s attorney, Dale Baich, the murderer was informing his nephew that “everything was OK” by doing it.

In fact, the carb was a part of his “death row meal” as well.

Before the execution, Towery dined on a final meal of: Porterhouse steak, sautéed mushrooms, baked potato with butter and sour cream, steamed asparagus, clam chowder, Pepsi, milk and apple pie with vanilla ice cream.