People ‘Don’t Think They Can Eat’ Worcestershire Sauce Again After Seeing How It’s Made


I don’t think anyone will be eating this again!

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The burden of knowledge is too great for some because so many people are only now learning how Worcestershire sauce is created.

Yes, after discovering what exactly goes into manufacturing the well-known sauce, a number of individuals online have vowed never to consume it again.

To be honest, it hasn’t been a secret because the ingredients are right there on the bottle’s side.

Outside of the UK, most people have trouble pronouncing the sauce’s name, let alone comprehending what it is and what ingredients are used.

However, it’s quite well-liked in the UK; consider cheese on toast, pasta bolognese (sorry, readers in Italy), and shepherd’s pie.

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But if you dare, keep reading to learn more about the ingredients in the mixture and see if you can still stick it once you do.

As you can see in the video above, it all begins with a tonne of onions and garlic that have been preserved in malt vinegar.

Before moving on to the next phase, you leave them to pickle for a few years—yes, really—until it liquifies.

The part that everyone seems to really dislike is now coming.

In other barrels, you salt-cure a large quantity of anchovies for a while, until they begin to decompose as well.

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Then, a “top secret” herb and spice blend is added, along with salt, sugar, malt vinegar, tamarind concentrate, molasses, and white vinegar.

The entire mixture is then combined for an unknown period of time, which is likewise top secret, before being placed in maturing tanks.

It remains there for a few months before drastically changing. It is occasionally mixed up, then strained out, and these processes are repeated on occasion.

For added flavour and longevity, it is pasteurised before being crammed into bottles.

It’s a pretty specific procedure, but it also uses a specialised substance.

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However, it appears that some consumers were turned off after learning about the anchovies.

After seeing the video online, one person wrote: “Jesus Christ, I love this stuff, but after seeing the anchovies [I] dunno if i can eat it again”

Another person said: “I don’t know what was worse.

“How disgusting all the ingredients looked or the complete butchering of the pronunciation of Worcester and Worcestershire.”

A third person simply said: “I bet those fish stink.”

We all have different tastes, thus it’s not for everyone, like all foods.

While some of us can handle the preserved fish, others can’t.

The procedure was previously unknown to another, more numerous group of people, who are now attempting to rid their minds of the doubt that this information has instilled in them.

However, we did warn you about it.

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