People Are Debating The ‘Little Voice’ In Their Head After A Man Reveals He Doesn’t Have One


Everyone has a little voice right!?

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Do you recognise the voice in your head that is likely reading this article to you at this very moment?

The internet is currently in complete disarray after learning that not everyone has one, leading some to question the existence of the “little voice” altogether.

And, let’s just say that it has generated a lot of talk on social media.

One woman, Kelly Marie Wheeler, took to Facebook to share the bombshell revelation, writing: “My husband has just informed me he doesn’t have a voice in his head I always knew he didn’t dream or remember his dreams, but when I mentioned about the little voice in his head he looked at me like I’m crazy.

“Does anyone else not have a little voice in their head?”

The woman’s post went viral, garnering over 2.8k comments in less than 24 hours, so it’s obvious that internet users couldn’t wait to share their reactions to her call-out.

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Many were clearly just as shocked as Kelly was with one Facebook user writing: “This has blown my mind I have to be honest!!”

“Are [sic] there people who don’t have a monologue and conversations in their head?? How?” wondered a second.

Another echoed: “I thought everyone had a voice… can’t imagine peace.”

Me neither to be honest.

A fourth admitted: “Yep my husband is the same, doesn’t have an inner monologue or see anything other than his eyelids when he closes his eyes. I find it very odd as mine never shuts up and my imagination runs rife.”

Another echoed: “My partner says he doesn’t have a conversation with himself in his head ever. Because I have a serious matter with myself I can’t imagine how it would work if I didn’t!! Men are from Mars.”

“Most men don’t,” claimed a sixth. “I watched a documentary about it.”

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Many were baffled at how such people read without the help of their ‘little voice’, with one Facebook user wondering: “How does one read without a little voice in their head?”

“If you don’t have a voice in your head, do you read this post out loud?” asked a second. “I read everything in my head with my inner voice.”

A third quipped: “I talk to myself all the time and reply to my own questions! Some weird people about…”

“I have a voice,” chimed in a fourth, “drives me mad some days.”

A fifth added: “Oh I have a whole fantasy world in my head! Keeps me sane lol!”

But what actually is the ‘little voice’ many of us have in our heads?

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Well, it’s called an inner monologue and an expert has revealed that it is true that not everyone has one.

“Research suggests that not everyone possesses [an internal monologue],” says Sari Chait, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the Behavioral Health and Wellness Center over in the States.

“It is a relatively new finding though; the belief historically had been that everyone had an internal monologue.”

Other Facebook users echoed this point, with one stating: “Just like we can’t imagine what it’s like to not have a voice in our heads, they can’t imagine what it’s like to have one.

“I only found out recently that not everyone has it, and other people even think in pictures.”

A second explained: “Some people can’t imagine things in their mind either. So if you asked them to picture a rainbow they couldn’t. But they would be able to describe one no problem.

“Same for internal monologue. Some people hear their own voice, some people can hear different voices.”

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A third commented: “Some people don’t have an inner voice, some people’s thoughts are in pictures, colours and shapes.”

“I don’t have a voice in mine,” revealed a final Facebook user. “I also can’t visualise things.”

What about you?

Man Bans His Girlfriend From Farting In Their House Because He Finds It ‘Unladylike’

One man was not happy with the antics of his girlfriend!

In a world where women have shattered glass ceilings, harnessed the power of technology, and made strides in every field imaginable, it seems some men are still grappling with the concept of gas equality.

Yes, you read that correctly. A woman recently took to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” forum to share her exasperation over her boyfriend’s rather unconventional stance on flatulence.

Credit: Stock Images

Picture it: a 24-year-old woman, blissfully going about her day when, alas, she let out a fart in the kitchen. Innocent enough, right? Wrong.

The wind took a sharp turn when her boyfriend, apparently the modern-day etiquette enforcer, promptly initiated an argument over her unbecoming behavior.

“I am extremely fed up with him treating me like what I’m doing is unnatural and always telling me I need to be more like a lady,” she lamented on the thread.

Our protagonist bravely stood her ground, pointing out that she should be able to release a harmless puff of air within the confines of her own home without judgment. After all, we’re in the 21st century, not the 1800s!

Credit: Stock Images

She then revealed her nightly routine, which includes a few discreet toots. Her boyfriend’s reaction? Accusations of intentional flatulence and enough grumpiness to rival a bear with a thorn in its paw.

In a moment of sheer exasperation, she declared, “I feel like I should be able to fart in my own home without judgment. Am I crazy for thinking farting is normal? AITA?” she questioned Reddit users, seeking validation for her gas-powered rebellion.

And validate her they did. The chorus of supporters rang out, denouncing her boyfriend’s preposterous views. “Ladies fart. Everyone farts,” one Reddit user proclaimed.

Another chimed in with, “Does he think women poop glitter?”—an astute observation indeed.

Credit: Stock Images

While most rallied behind our fearless farter, one defender emerged from the ranks, raising a peculiar point: the severity of the farts in question. “I need to know how bad hers are because I might agree with her SO,” they cautiously ventured.

In the end, it’s a tale of bodily functions, liberation, and the ongoing struggle to find common ground in the eternal battle of the sexes.

So, let us all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of farting equality, where the winds of change blow freely—and may we never forget to embrace the natural hilarity that is the human experience.

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