Man With ‘Sexy’ Voice Charges £5-Per-Minute For Personalised WhatsApp Voice Notes


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Thanks to his “nice voice,” a guy makes £5 per minute recording sexually suggestive voice notes.

Guys, I think I could be in a wrong job.

Women would tell Alex Douglas, as The Naked Narrator, that they ‘love’ hearing voice notes from him on dating apps, and he frequently gets comments on his voice.

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Since I know you’ve been waiting to hear his voice, here it is:

Alex took the suggestion seriously when someone jokingly remarked that he “could do it as a job” and launched his Naked Narrator WhatsApp business, which involves delivering customers customised sexual audio notes based on up to three words they send him.

Fair enough, buddy.

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Alex, who is also a personal trainer, said he tries to use “implication” and avoids using “too graphic” language in his notes.

Speaking to PA Real life, the 37-year-old from London said: “I don’t say anything too extreme in terms of being too graphic.

“I think implication and innuendo is far more exciting.

“I don’t really say c**k for example, I usually say manhood or imply what I’m doing rather than saying it explicitly – I sell it on me being sensual.

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“It’s very fun for sure.”

On his website, TikTok, and Instagram, Alex promotes his special service. He charges £10 for the first minute and £5 for each extra minute.

Explaining how the process works, he said: “I give people my WhatsApp number and I usually leave them a tailored, brief voice note just to say ‘Hi, X, I’m Alex Douglas, the Naked Narrator, thank you for getting in touch.’

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“‘And how this works is, you can give me up to three keywords, any words that you like, and then I can leave you a voice note based on those three keywords’.

“And then I also try to ask what the goal or the goal feeling is.

“It can be motivation, coaching, or entertainment – entertainment is my most popular and that is when I send sensual messages to women.”

Although Alex stays away from anything too graphic, this cannot be true of his clients, with some ladies sending him pictures of themselves in their underwear.

However, he keeps everything neat and professional and makes it apparent that he is only doing a service.

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“I’ve always been very good at being disciplined with myself, and if I steered away from that, I would be concerned that I would turn into one of those seedy men,” he said.

“I would never send a nude picture of myself to my clients, and I don’t really do that in my personal life anyway.”

Looking to the future, Alex said he would love to make the Naked Narrator his full-time job, adding: “It’s so much fun, and I’d definitely consider it.”