Man Praised After Breaking Down Why Women Don’t Like ‘Nice Guys’


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After analysing the reasons why women dislike “nice guys,” a man has gone viral online.

A man who is amiable, soft, sensitive, and vulnerable is sometimes referred to as a “nice guy” in casual contexts.

Despite these excellent characteristics, the term is frequently used negatively because it may imply that this kind of man lacks confidence.

Someone who is commonly referred to as “macho,” a man who lacks a compassionate and sensitive side, is the opposite of a “nice guy.”

One guy on TikTok gave his explanation of why women frequently reject the “nice guys”

TikToker @cyzorstudio has revealed that there’s a ‘problem’ with being a nice guy – and that the issue is that you’re supposed to be nice in the first place.

He explains: “Expecting women to want you because you’re a nice guy, it’s like expecting women to want you because you shower regularly.

“You shower regularly, right? At some point during your childhood, somebody told you that if you want a girl to like you, all you have to do is be nice to them.”

The TikToker continues by claiming that in order to attract a woman, “you need more than”

He continues: “Let me break this down for you. If you’re feeling bitterness, that means you feel like you deserve something and you didn’t get it, right?

“You feel like you deserve her, right? Because you’re so nice, yeah? No, stop being entitled.

“That’s not how any of this works. Sometimes you’ll put your best foot forward and someone still won’t like you because they just don’t like you. That’s life. Being bitter about it is childish. Move on.”


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Viewers have been quick to rush to the comments and share their opinion on the matter, with one person penning: “If you have to tell people you’re a ‘nice guy’… you’re not really a good person.”

Another user agrees, commenting: “Sign of weak character, to stand on the ‘nice guy’ platform.”

While another user referred to the TikToker as “a gift to the internet” for his wise words in the comments section.

Another person exclaims, “This may be the most accurate thing I’ve seen on IG ever.”

Woman Shows ‘Creepy’ Texts She Received From Builder After He Leaves Halfway Through A Job

She was not expecting to receive a text like that!

A tradesman left a project midway through and refused to come back, sending the woman a series of highly sexually suggestive text messages in the process. The woman was left speechless.

Yes, it’s hardly the most professional appearance in the world, especially if you depend on word of mouth and being left on your own in people’s homes to make a living.

You’d have to assume that following this, this man won’t do business with this client or her friends again.

The woman, who had located the plasterer based on a suggestion from someone she knows, had asked him to come to her house to replaster it.

Prior to his abrupt disappearance in the middle of the third day of the job, everything was going smoothly. He simply packed up his belongings and drove away.

This left the woman with some unanswered questions and an incomplete kitchen.

When she finally did, she was unprepared for the much older worker’s response when she asked him what was going on.

The woman shared the texts online and expressed her disbelief and surprise at the responses she received.

On the Girlsmouth Facebook group, she said: “So I hired a plasterer through recommendations… third day in after three hours he just disappeared, no text, no I’m off, nothing.

“I messaged him this morning to end up with this reply.

“I was in that much shock I didn’t respond.

“Any suggestions ladies?

“Silver lining I got half my kitchen done.”

One text from the man reads: “No I’m not coming back.”

He then went on to say that if he came back, he’d want to take her to bed, listing off a number of things he’d like to do once there.

The man then concluded: “So that’s why I’m not coming back cos, I want to do naughty things to you.

“Now if ya up for that then, I’ll come back up.

“Don’t worry about the money, not bothered about that.”


When she shared the post, the woman said that she’d ‘only made him a cup of tea a few times in my fluffy PJs’ and added that the worker was ‘old enough to be [her] dad’.

As you can probably imagine, those who saw her post were equally stunned.

“Wtf bit of a creep needs reporting,” said one person.

“Well, you know from experience he doesn’t finish the job so I’d definitely pass,” wrote another.

“Wow he sounds proper professional and dedicated to his line of work,” a third commented.

Yeah, it’s not a fantastic way to run a business, that’s for sure.

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