The Unveiling of Dwayne Johnson’s Waxwork, Fans Question That “Something is missing.”


You can tell you’ve succeeded when a wax replica of you is on display in a museum.

The Grevin Museum in Paris bestowed that accolade on Dwayne Johnson.

After the statue of the venerable actor was finally unveiled, admirers queued up immediately to take pictures with him.

The Jumanji actor is depicted in the waxwork standing with his arms crossed, wearing a blue collared t-shirt and navy trousers.

It’s a unique perspective on the actor, especially given how often we picture him in gym gear and looking completely jacked.

While it’s an impressive art form to recreate someone in wax, some people couldn’t wrap their heads around it.

“Not one of your best guys – considering the quality of the rest of the museum, there’s something not right about the sculpt on this,” said one person on Instagram.

Another added: “Is it a little pale or is it the lighting?”

A third wrote: “It doesn’t look like him at all!”

It can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what is strange about the waxwork, but there is undoubtedly something.

Instead of the Fast X actor, Mr. Clean and Channing Tatum were compared to Dwayne Johnson’s waxwork.

According to The Daily Mail, The Rock was chosen for the museum’s upcoming waxwork from a long list of famous people.

Ariana Grande, Tom Holland, Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Elon Musk, Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, and Margot Robbie were all beaten out by him.

A similar discussion about Harry Styles’ similarity erupted after Madame Tussauds recently debuted a waxwork figure of him.

The design that will be displayed at the London location will be inspired by the attire he wore to the My Policeman premiere and include lime green pants and a green double-breasted suit jacket.

Another figure will feature the rainbow sequinned jumpsuit he wore to Coachella.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t wait to go and see them I am so so excited I am a Harry styles fan,” one person wrote on social media.

While others thought the wax figures missed the mark.

One critic wrote: “LOOOL both Harry figures with his mouth open, I’m dead, that looks nothing like him.”

Another added: “Y’all made him look weird.”

A third said: “You did him dirty in the faces and also his tattoos.”

While others had some… artistic suggestions.

“Were the pearls necessary? No one of those outfits goes with pearls and it’s just a cliché at this point. The pearls are a big NO,” one person commented.

“Realistically why did you take his t*ts away?” one person asked.

“I’m not an expert, but shouldn’t he have gotten bigger hitties?” suggested someone else.

It seems like you really please everyone…