Man Dating The ‘Most Identical Twins On The Planet Says It’s ‘Unfair’ He Can’t Marry Them Both


What a predicament he’s in!

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Anna and Lucy DeCinque, twins, collaborate on everything.

The 35-year-olds “go to the toilet at the same time,” share a bed, consume all meals together, take showers together, and even sleep in the same bed.”

To limit their differences, they share the same wardrobe and even underwent the same plastic surgery.

“We just think we’re one person,” the twins said during an episode of TLC’s Extreme Sisters.

They even have the same fiancé, according to the twins who call themselves “the most identical in the world.”

After meeting Ben Byrne on Facebook, Anna and Lucy began dating him 11 years ago.

Ben, who is also a twin, sent the women individual messages and had conversations with each of them for around six months.

The twins thought they need to date Ben together once they developed affection for him.

“Sharing a boyfriend for us means we get to be together all the time,” Anna says on the show. 

“Having separate boyfriends just didn’t work, they just wanted to separate us.”

“There’s no jealousy in this relationship. If Ben kisses Anna, he’ll kiss me straight after,” Lucy adds.

Ben lives with the sisters – and their mother – in Perth.

Ben is intimate with both of the twins, in case you were wondering.

“Ben in his own way will please both of us. If Ben does something to one twin in the bedroom, he has to do it to the other,” they said.

The DeCinque twins have been engaged to Ben since 2021, but the three of them are unable to wed due to Australia’s polygamy laws. Ben claims that it is “totally unfair.”

“What’s holding us back is that you can’t marry two people,” he says. 

“That’s our biggest hurdle.”

Earlier this year, the sisters revealed they were trying to get pregnant at the same time.

“We want to experience everything together. We can’t live without each other,” they told ITV’s This Morning. 

“If it’s possible, we’d like to be pregnant together. At the end of the day, it’s how we choose to live our life and we’re happy like that.”

When questioned if trying to get pregnant with two women at once put any strain on Ben, they responded that it merely meant “double the love for Ben.”

“He understands that we need to be the same, we need to do everything together 24/7,” they said. 

“He totally understands us. 

“We found our everything. We’re so thankful we found Ben.”

The twins would be content if one of them became a mother before the other, even though they desire to become pregnant at the same time.

“As long as the child is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters,” they said. 

“We’ll both be the mums, Ben would be the dad, so they would have two mums and one father.”

Conjoined Twin Describes Her Dating Experience And Her Sister’s Opinion Of Their Relationship 

Conjoined Twin Confesses Hiding True Gender From His Sister For Over 45 Years

One twin had a secret they had to reveal.

Meet the dynamic duo from Pennsylvania who’ve defied the odds, lived life to the fullest, and recently revealed a surprising twist in their incredible journey! George Schappell and his sister Lori, aged 61, are not your everyday siblings. They’re conjoined twins, joined at the head, and have shared a remarkable life full of adventure and self-discovery.

First off, these two have already outshone the predictions of the medical world, as doctors once believed they wouldn’t make it past their 30th birthday. But here they are, 61 years strong, making headlines for an entirely unexpected reason.

Credit: George and Lori Schappell / Getty Images

Lori, a ten-pin bowling maestro, and George, a country and western crooner extraordinaire, have rocked their way through life as a dynamic duo. But here’s where the plot thickens, and the tale gets even more fascinating!

George, who used to go by the name Dori and was assigned female at birth, recently unveiled his true gender identity. It turns out that for 46 years, George had been living as a woman when, deep down, he knew he was a man. George spilled the beans in an interview with The Sun, revealing, “I have known from a very young age that I should have been a boy. I loved playing with trains and hated girly outfits. I kept my desire to change sex hidden – even from Lori – for many years.”

Ashton Kutcher Considered Taking His Own Life So Twin Brother Could Have His Heart

But the plot twist doesn’t stop there. George, after spending most of his life as Dori, finally gathered the courage to come out to his sister. “It was so tough, but I was getting older and I simply didn’t want to live a lie. I knew I had to live my life the way I wanted,” he confessed.

Credit: George and Lori Schappell / Getty Images

Although George hasn’t undergone sex reassignment surgery, he’s now proudly embracing his male identity and rocking attire typically associated with the guys. And guess what? Lori is his number one fan! She responded to her brother’s revelation with unwavering support, saying, “Obviously it was a shock when Dori changed to George, but I am so proud of him. It was a huge decision, but we have overcome so much in our lives, and together we are such a strong team. Nothing can break that.”

Conjoined Twin Describes Her Dating Experience And Her Sister’s Opinion Of Their Relationship 

Now, here’s where their story takes another intriguing twist. Lori, the ten-pin bowling sensation, shared a heartbreaking chapter of her life. She was once engaged but tragically lost her fiancé in a drunk driving accident. But Lori, the eternal optimist, doesn’t let her conjoined status define her dating life. “When I went on dates, George would bring along books to read, and, as we don’t face each other, he could ignore any kissing,” she revealed. Talk about creative solutions to the challenges of dating!

Credit: George and Lori Schappell / Getty Images

Despite being joined at the head, these twins maintain their individuality and spaces. Lori’s room is all “girly,” while George’s digs are adorned with music posters and personal memorabilia. It’s like living with your sibling but having your own private zones.

And for a bit of levity, George spilled the beans on their differing drinking habits. Lori enjoys the occasional vodka orange, while George abstains from the booze. You see, since their bodies are mostly separate, Lori experiences a hangover, while George remains the picture of sobriety. Talk about a unique hangover remedy!

Born with differing physical abilities – Lori standing at five feet one inch and fully able-bodied, and George at four feet four inches with spina bifida – their story is not just about overcoming challenges but also about challenging societal norms. These two are a shining example of resilience, love, and a sense of adventure that refuses to be tethered by limitations.

Man Lived With Twin Inside Him For 36 Years Without Knowing

People Are Having A Hard Time Figuring Out How Many Girls Are In This Photo

We can’t get enough of optical illusions, which rank among the most amazing things ever.

The internet appears fixated with discussing insignificant coincidences and odd phenomena, from the famous blue-gold clothing incident to Yanny and Laurel. In addition, this most recent optical illusion has sparked a lot of debate online as people try to figure out how many women are in this one particular image.

The image was taken by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari and originally shared on Instagram back in 2016 as part of a weekend hashtag project.

But soon after, it started garnering attention because people couldn’t quite figure out how Vergari managed to capture such an amazingly confusing shot.

Guesses flooded in with numbers ranging from two, all the way to 14 – I mean, they can’t both possibly be right, can they?

The photograph was later shared to Reddit too, and again, social media users took a stab at trying to figure it out.

I assumed there might be four girls present if there were two sets of twins facing each other and a mirror reflecting their image. Well, I was mistaken, as were tens of thousands of other naive guessers.

In the end, the artist himself confirmed that there were only two girls in the image, both of whom were his daughters. It was claimed that the lighting and mirrors gave the image depth, giving the impression that there might be more girls present than there actually were.

Before actually winning the award, the popular image was nominated for Instagram Photo of the Year, according to Simplemost.

According to a description of the committee that chooses the winner, “there are over 600 million Instagram users, and the amount of photographs shared to the app is practically unlimited, so whittling them down is no easy feat.” “However, our nominees for the Instagram Photo of the Year are those unforgettable pictures that, once you see them, you can’t forget, since they uniquely capture the essence of the event.

Simply put, “they are the greatest.”

So it comes as no surprise that Vergari’s perplexing yet intriguing photo managed to win the prize, given all the chaos it created on the platform.

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