Man Lived With Twin Inside Him For 36 Years Without Knowing


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Sanju Bhagat, who was born in Nagpur, India, in 1963, seemed to be an ordinary kid with no obvious medical issues.

His stomach, however, got alarmingly large as he aged and dealt with the difficulties of supporting his family while working on a farm.

People even thought he was pregnant as a result of this, but the truth was far more surprising than that.

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Bhagat’s belly continued to protrude despite his malnutrition, garnering him the nickname “the pregnant man” in his small town.

He persisted despite the continual jeers, concentrating on providing for his family in spite of their cries for him to get help.

Over time, Bhagat’s protruding stomach grew to the point that it interfered with his ability to breathe by pressing against his diaphragm.

He was transported to a Mumbai hospital in 1999, where Dr. Ajay Mehta first thought a malignancy might be there.

However, what they discovered inside Bhagat’s stomach was far more astonishing.

Upon incision, fluid spilt out, followed by the emergence of an actual human being.

A doctor is quoted as saying: “He just put his hand inside and he said there are a lot of bones inside,” in History Defined.

One limb emerged first, followed by another. Then some genitalia, some hair, some limbs, jaws, limbs, and some hair.

“We were horrified. We were confused and amazed… To my surprise and horror, I could shake hands with somebody inside. It was a bit shocking for me.”

Initially believed to be a case of ‘vanishing twin syndrome’, where one twin is absorbed by the other during pregnancy, it was later determined that Bhagat had a rare condition known as ‘fetus in fetu’.

One twin grows inside the body of the other twin, acting like a parasite, in this incredibly unique occurrence.

Such an aberration would typically be noticed by the host twin, but Bhagat had disregarded the warnings.

Bhagat tried to lead a regular life after the twin was removed since he had long since refused to look at the lump of flesh and hair that had resided inside of him.

He returned to his regular job schedule after being freed from his twin’s presence.

His neighbours still thought of him as the “pregnant man,” nonetheless.

People expressed their amazement and curiosity with the amazing instance on social media.

While some found it difficult to accept and questioned the story’s veracity, others were astounded by the long-running event.

Someone said on Twitter, “This cannot be real!”

Another person said: “So bizarre that it went on for decades.”