Health Warning Over New ‘Bed Rotting Trend’ Gen Z Is Obsessed With


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The new “bed rotting trend” that Gen Zers have gotten fixated on has prompted a health warning.

The generation known as Gen Z, or Generation Z, is those people who were born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s.

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They are renowned for stressing mental wellness in addition to being technologically adept and socially aware.

Although this is fantastic, it has created a pattern that resembles a leisurely day with even “less activity” and experts are worried about it.

One of the numerous creators who has commented on the most recent self-care trend, in which people broadcast videos of themselves curled up under several blankets and frequently have a phone or snack in hand, is Dr. Jessica Gold.

Although it is “acceptable to engage in such behaviour,” the expert believes that people should think about “the reasons behind it” and look for “alternative coping strategies.”

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Dr Gold explains in a TikTok video: “I think it is OK to do if you need it, and I have let myself do it, as long as you understand why you are doing it and turn to other coping skills as well.”

Simon A. Rego, a psychologist and another specialist on the subject, says spending more than one or two days in bed should be taken seriously, and is doomed concerning

“Be mindful and avoid overdoing it, no matter how good it may feel in the moment,” he warns, as per CNN.

Many people have expressed their desire to participate in the bed rotting craze on social media despite the warning.

“My friends and I say every so often we need a rot day in bed just to reset and that’s all you wanna do is relax,” one person comments.

Another adds: “I love a good bed rot.”

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While somebody else says: “Can definitely relate, after a stressful week sometimes I don’t leave my bed except for food and bathroom. It’s glorious.”

Someone jokingly pens: “Today I found out my depressive episode all through high school and college was a cool hip trend.”

A fifth person says: “I didn’t know there was a name for my favourite hobby.”