Influencer Explains Why She And Boyfriend Ate Part Of Her Knee In A Bolognese


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After having knee surgery following an injury, Spanish social media personality Paula Gonu, 30, used the removed cartilage to prepare a dinner for herself and her spouse.

Each to their own but we’d strongly give this one a miss…

During a YouTube interview for the Club 113 podcast, Gonu discussed the strange choice.

The author of the article said that after the procedure, her surgeon had given her the choice of keeping the meniscus—the soft cartilage situated on the side of the knees—and she had chosen the offer.

She claimed that the surgeon expertly preserved the meniscus by placing it in a sealed container filled with alcohol.

Gonu continued, saying that the process was actually displayed on a screen while the surgeon performed through two holes, and that “he explained everything to me as he operated.”

Gonu recounted a story of a lighthearted chat she had with her spouse a week following the operation, according to a translation by Indy100.

She joked that she wanted to eat the preserved meniscus because she thought it was a part of her that belonged back in her body.

The influencer made the decision to use the meniscus in a handmade Bolognese dish that they both ate.

Gonu continued by saying that she was able to claim that she had consumed a piece of her own meniscus thanks to this event, forging a special intimate connection.

The influencer argued that people often eat the bones, cartilage, and body parts of “worse animals” to support her decision.

Many people have taken to social media and reacted to Gonu eating a part of her own knee.

One person comments: “My stomach hurt. Now it hurts even more. Thank you.”

Another jokingly says: “I really have to close TikTok now.”

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