Woman Finally Finds Out Why Mysterious 6ft Pole Was Cemented In Her Driveway


Woman finally finds out what the pole is for on her driveway!

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A woman from New Zealand has finally identified the person or people who inexplicably erected a 6 foot pole in her driveway.

When Sophie Hucker, a teacher from Tauranga, North Island, got home from work, she saw a large pole had been erected there.

The teacher initially went to transfer the pole over to her neighbours’ home because she assumed it was something they had ordered.

She told the Bay of Plenty Times: “I thought maybe the neighbours ordered something – maybe it’s a pole for a basketball hoop. I saw and said ‘oh s***’ it’s cemented in.”

“They were as surprised as me. They thought I was building something. Or maybe it was a basketball pole. I don’t know what else you would do with it,” Sophie also told news website Stuff.

“They said it wasn’t anything to do with them. Everyone is very confused.”

As would be expected, the issue has generated a lot of amusement on social media.

One said that she should call the ‘pole-ice’, while another added: “I find this post offensive, can you please remove it.”

After the laughter subsided, Sophie was left with the pole and was desperate to have it taken away.

he said: “You’ve provided a lot of entertainment value for everyone, but can you please come and get rid of it. I do not need that pole.”

Without a single a-pole-ogy in sight, a week passed.

Sophie, however, informed that the offender had been found after seven days.

“It turned out to be a case of mistaken identity/address,” she wrote on a Facebook community group, explaining how it was a total ‘muck up’ by a fencing installation company.

“Bit funny: they were laughing about it after seeing it on the news before they realized it was their bad.”

She said the company involved sent her some bubbles and was “very a-pole-getic”.

“What a ride that was,” Sophie admits.

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: “This has been entertaining good on you for following this through and sharing with us.”

A second added: “Good on her for being a good sport this was actually quite the funny mystery.

“Good on the company too glad no one was named and shamed.”

Another commented: “Good outcome in the end and good on you for keeping the company out of it respect all the way.”

Drivers Are Only Just Realising Their Car Shows Them Which Side Their Petrol Tank Is On

Village Paints ‘Squiggly Lines’ On Roads To Stop Cars From Speeding

Bad road signs frequently send UK drivers around the bend, but they ought to think of French drivers instead.

In a last-ditch effort to slow down traffic, one community across the Chanel has chosen to paint squiggly lines at a T-junction.

The abstract road signs may be having the desired effect, but the locals are less than impressed.

The vehicle markings, which were painted in the tranquil town of Baune near Angers, are more similar to contemporary art.

Even the biggest petrolheads want to slam the breaks after seeing the road in front of them as they zigzag across the street.

The lines were put in place as a result of increasing local anxiousness over drivers consistently exceeding the 19 mph (30 kph) limit in the sleepy community.

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The French officials considered several options in an effort to slow things down and ultimately decided on the mad marks.

Locals anticipate the route will provide a “visual disturbance” and encourage slower driving, according to the mayor of the area, Audrey Revereault, who spoke with The Connexion.

Authorities are testing the mad markings currently to see how successful they will be.

Jean-Charles Prono, the mayor of the Loire-Authion region, noted that it was surprising that the design was chosen over more conventional traffic control.

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In the region, where he oversaw seven communities, he told EuroNews that “people drive fast and it’s complicated to get people to slow down and to have road signs that work.”

He continued by saying that the design had been used rather than speed bumps, which would have been too noisy for nearby residents.

However, it appears that the new-looking road is giving the residents headaches already.

Taking to Facebook, one villager even claimed they felt ‘seasick’ because of the design as they discussed it on a local page, Ca bouge sur Bauné.

Responding to a photo of the design, she told users: “Personally, I don’t like driving on it. It turns my stomach like seasickness.”

Others agreed, with another adding: “‘It’s destabilising the first time you pass over it.”

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To which, a third pointedly replied: “Frankly I was very surprised and indeed my attention as a driver was disturbed because I wondered where I had to drive, if the direction of traffic had changed, etc…”

Some even questioned whether the road signs would make things any safer.

One even argued: “I think it’s going to be more dangerous than anything else.”

Clearly, it seems that some residents want to hit the brakes on this project.