Married Teacher Caught Grinding On Student At Nightclub Allowed To Keep Her Job


The name of an inebriated teacher who was seen kissing and having sex with a 17-year-old student in a nightclub was not struck from the teaching record.

The identity of an inebriated teacher who was caught kissing and having sex with a 17-year-old pupil in a nightclub was left on the teaching register.

Ashley McConnell, a physics teacher at Thurso High School in Caithness, Scotland, was thirty years old and married at the time, according to The Daily Record.

The married instructor, who goes by the name Ashley Swanson, battled for weeks with her work.

She was seen kissing a 17-year-old Thurso High School student in the town’s Skinandi nightclub in March 2018. In addition, it was found that she had grabbed his hand and danced seductively with him.

She was accused of groping his bottom and groyne as well.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland found that there was insufficient evidence to back up the claims that Miss McConnell had touched the pupil in these places, but yet permitted her to continue her career and handed her a nine-month reprimand.

Her fitness to teach was found to be impaired, according to the hearing.

She proceeded to hold hands with the adolescent and told the other students to “f**k off” when they questioned the teacher about her inappropriate behaviour that evening at Skinandi’s.

Last month, McConnell admitted to the GTCS panel that she drank too much wine on a crucial night and couldn’t remember everything.

As she testified, she began crying and acknowledged that she remembered being in front of the student.

The GTCS concluded that Miss McConnell would be permitted back in the classroom after hearing seven days’ worth of testimony spread out over two months.

In making their decision, the GTCS panel said: “The panel also considered that a reprimand would satisfy the public interest in the particular circumstances of the case.”

“A reprimand appropriately indicated the seriousness of the conduct to the profession and the public and would thus maintain public confidence in teachers and the teaching profession.”

Before entering Skinandi’s nightclub, Miss McConnell had attended a coworker’s 50th birthday dinner and celebration.

Before going to the club, she also went to several pubs where she kept on drinking.