You Can Now Stay In A Hotel Shaped Like A Bumhole With A Colon Corridor


Today is your fortunate day if you’ve ever daydreamed about curling up under fresh, crisp hotel sheets and imagined that the hotel has the shape of a bumhole.

This is due to the recent opening of a bum-shaped hotel, which will cost you an outrageous £106 each night.

The adventurous restaurant has a colon-shaped hallway, and its name, CasAnus, is everything you could want and more.

However, there are no stray dildos, butt plugs, human bodies, or faeces in this bumhole.

You will discover a table, a toilet, a shower, as well as lighting, running water, and electric heating in its place.

So, where on God’s green Earth is the bum hotel? We hear you ask. Well, it’s in Belgium – more specifically, it is part of a sculpture park.

The bumhole sits in the middle of a deserted field – this might be relatable for some of you – in the Verbeke Foundation Art Park near Antwerp and it doubles as an art installation.

With the work of Dutch designer Joep van Lieshout, you are guaranteed a memorable stay, but please take photographs so that your friends and family don’t think you’ve lost what remains of your mind when you return to tell them about the bumhole-slash-colon experience.

By now you’re probably wondering what the inside of the bumhole looks like, and it’s nothing like you’d expect – get your mind out of the gutter, thank you.

Instead, it’s actually reminiscent of an ice hotel, or human execution chamber, depending on your imagination, and you’ll find the double bed in a room with white walls.

As these pictures suggest, once you get over where you’re staying, you’ll be treated to wonderful views of the Belgian countryside.

Providing, of course, that you don’t stand directly in front of the anus, but we’re not here to kink-shame. You do you, just like this photographer.

Breakfast is provided if you’re feeling peckish after your time in the bum, and you’ll get access to the Verbeke Foundation museum to feast your eyes on all the bizarre art and sculptures you could hope for – otherwise, this will set you back €13 (£11.58).

If CasAnus sounds like it’s up your street, or, well, y’know, then prices start from €120 (£106) a night based on two people sharing.

You can find out more about this truly unique experience at

Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or visit to make all your weirdest – and definitely not sexual – hoteling dreams come true.