Locals believe ‘world’s creepiest waterpark’ was abandoned because of grim urban legend


As summer approaches and vacation plans take shape, thrill-seekers and travelers may want to consider their destinations carefully. Deep within the picturesque hills near Barcelona lies the enigmatic L’Aquatic Pardis water park, a place that has remained eerily still since its construction in the early 1990s. Despite its potential for aquatic fun, this park has earned a sinister reputation as the ‘world’s creepiest waterpark,’ thanks to a spine-chilling urban legend.

Credit: Parc Aquatic Paradis / YouTube/@Aaron LM

Local lore has it that this water park closed its gates a mere two seasons after welcoming its first visitors, all because of a tragic and horrifying incident that wouldn’t be out of place in a Final Destination film. According to the tale, an infant met a gruesome fate, being sucked into the merciless machinery of the wave pool, a tragedy that led to the abrupt shutdown of the entire park.

Credit: Parc Aquatic Paradis / YouTube/@Aaron LM

Now, while this hair-raising story may have all the makings of a campfire ghost tale, there’s actually very little solid evidence to support its veracity. However, as time passed, and the park itself slipped into a state of disrepair, the rumors gained momentum, cementing the water park’s spine-tingling reputation.

Back in the early 1990s, when L’Aquatic Pardis first made a splash on the scene, hopes were high that this 13-acre water paradise would bask in the glow of the 1992 Olympic Games hosted by Barcelona. Yet, despite its proximity to the bustling Sitges, the park struggled to stay afloat, especially after Spain’s largest water park, PortAventura in Salou, opened its doors in 1995. As the park began hemorrhaging money, its owners had to make severe cutbacks, leading to a significant reduction in staff.

Credit: Parc Aquatic Paradis / YouTube/@Aaron LM

It was during this tumultuous period that the whispers of the tragic infant incident began to circulate, eventually culminating in the park’s somber closure in 1995. Despite its official shuttering, L’Aquatic Pardis continues to exert a magnetic pull on urban explorers, who venture into the decaying site. In a haunting YouTube video, one can witness the desolate remnants of this once-vibrant water park, complete with overgrown kiosks and graffiti-covered structures.

Credit: Parc Aquatic Paradis / YouTube/@Aaron LM

However, don’t harbor any thoughts of sneaking in for a clandestine dip; the park is bone-dry, devoid of a single drop of water. Even its once-thriving pavilions have succumbed to the relentless passage of time, many now roofless and swallowed by encroaching vegetation.

Tragically, L’Aquatic Pardis is not the only water park in Spain to meet such a grim fate. The Costa Del Sol also bid farewell to its largest water park in 2020, not due to an eerie urban legend, but as a casualty of the pandemic.

It seems that, for these theme parks, the days of aquatic revelry have, quite literally, dried up in the Spanish sun.

The Ultimate Halloween Party


The Clown Motel in Nevada was built in 1985 by an avid clown collector who was buried in the cemetery right next door. YouTuber Brent Rivera stayed in the Clown Motel for 24 hours.

YouTube: Brent Rivera

In Nevada lies the Clown Motel right next to the Old Tonopah Cemetery. This hotel owes its name to the central theme of the hotel – Clowns. And it’s all kinds of creepy. Leroy and Leona David built this hotel in 1985. Their father was an avid clown collector, and his body was buried in the cemetery next door. 

Credit: The Clown Motel

With over 2500 smaller and large clowns throughout the hotel, this place is definitely going to test your braveness, especially if you have coulrophobia – fear of clowns. If that’s not enough, their 31 rooms have incredibly spooky murals and according to them, what happens after the night falls is nothing to do with them and they absolutely CANNOT help you. 

Credit: The Clown Motel
Credit: The Clown Motel

If you are the type of person who gets an adrenaline rush from paranormal activities then you have found the right place, brace yourself as we have found your favourite so far.

To quote The Clown Motel’s disclaimer: “By visiting The Clown Motel, you acknowledge that you may encounter interaction with spiritual and/or unexplained phenomena and/or other unexplainable, unusual or paranormal activity or interactions which may include risks which may or may not be foreseeable.

“The Clown Motel will not be held accountable for any bodily injury, damage to personal property, emotional distress, death, or other harm caused by the aforementioned.”

Credit: The Clown Motel

The Clown Motel staff go to great lengths to make sure that your stay is going to be memorable. Around the motel, you’ll find many antique and junk shops where you are very likely to find some hidden gems.

Credit: The Clown Motel

During your stay, you can take a tour of the VERY old cemetery too. This is one place you should visit not just for the facilities it offers but for having your quirky little adventure with creepy clowns and reliving your favourite horror movies – some that have ACTUALLY been filmed here.

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