Paramedic Debunks Myth That You Should Pee On A Jellyfish Sting


We all thought peeing on a jellyfish sting was good, right?

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You know that pearl of knowledge we’ve been living by our entire lives, that peeing on a jellyfish sting makes the pain go away?

The jellyfish myth has been thoroughly disproved by one paramedic, who has instead provided instructions on what people should do in the event that they ever find themselves in such a sticky scenario.

The expert used TikTok to recreate a scenario he has encountered far too frequently in a skit.

In the TikTok, the paramedic assured the other characters, also played by himself: “There’s actually a pretty simple way to ease the pain!”

One of the characters answers: “Pee? We already did that […] but that didn’t work.

“Now we just don’t know what to do!”

Clearly horrified by what he had just been told, namely that the entire group of pals all chipped in to have a slash on their pal’s leg, the paramedic exclaims: “Water!

“You just soak it in hot water! That’s it!”

The paramedic captioned the TikTok: “Real things I’ve heard as a Paramedic. Yes, people really do this.”

Many rushed in to share their thanks for the tip, with one TikTok user writing: “I actually didn’t know hot water helped, but now I do!”

A second admitted: “I have NEVER heard of hot water for a jellyfish sting!”

Others, on the other hand, were eager to learn more about the origins of the odd jellyfish notion.

“Wait so it really is a myth?” asked one puzzled TikTok user, while another echoed: “So where did this theory of peeing on a jelly fish sting come from?”

Such inquiries elicited an abundance of responses from individuals eager to explain where they originally learned the tale.

One TikTok user penned: “I blame the beach episode of Friends.”

Another added: “Friends made me think this was a real solution.”

And third quipped: “It’s all because of that one episode of Friends!”


Real things I’ve heard as a Paramedic. Yes, people really do this. #ems #jellyfish #golden

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Do you require a memory boost?

Well, the American sitcom from 1997 burned a myth into our minds that is obviously still ingrained in us even after all these years.

The show’s fourth season premiered with the episode titled “The One With The Jellyfish.”

The group decided to travel outside of the city and spend some time unwinding at the beach.

Monica is stung by a jellyfish as she and Chandler argue over whether or not he should be her boyfriend.

Quick to the rescue, Joey informs the two about something he had seen on a Discovery channel documentary: the idea that urinating on a jellyfish sting might make the pain go away.

Having worked up the nerve to “step up” and assist his friend, he then experiences pee shyness and is unable to carry out the deed, leaving Chandler to do it.

Needless to say, it left all three of them severely scarred, and viewers continue to think Joey’s interesting fact is real.

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Film Fans Are Just Realising The Fountain In Friends Is In Another Famous Movie

This is something none of us spotted!

One thing unites viewers of two 90s classics: the fantasy comedy Hocus Pocus and Friends, one of the most well-known comedies ever. Water feature!

In the days leading up to Halloween, everyone has been thinking about Hocus Pocus. Some viewers have noted that the fountain had an uncanny similarity. It turns out that the fountain appeared on screen for the first time in the 1993 horror film, which was released more than a year before Friends.

Even though it seems unlikely that the fountain would materialise, there will be a Hocus Pocus reunion on Halloween Eve, 30 October, to support the New York restoration project. Sigh.

But in the movie Hocus Pocus, which stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as a trio of witches, the fountain only makes a brief appearance. The young characters of the movie, Max, Dani, and Allison, can be seen celebrating what they think is the witches’ defeat.

The opening credits of Friends contain the “big scene” for the fountain. As Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey play around in the now-famous fountain, viewers of the sitcom have been singing along to the Rembrandts’ I’ll Be There For You for more than 25 years.

Twitter was in shock after the revelation came to light. One user said “I’m not going to be the same”.

Many potential parallels between the movie Hocus Pocus and other Halloween movies have been found by fans of the movie. After binge-watching the first three Halloweentown films, TikToker @lyssalyssalyssahh presented her hypothesis that Hocus Pocus and the Halloweentown tale are connected.

She discovered a character in Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge wearing a cloak that is uncannily identical to one worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus towards the film’s conclusion.

How did this improbable crossover occur? On the Warner Bros. set in Los Angeles, scenes from both Friends and Hocus Pocus were shot.

Could this indicate that the fountain has covertly made an appearance in further Warner Bros. classics?

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Visit The Sanderson Sisters House From The Hocus Pocus Movies

The Sanderson sisters have opened their home!

Three unlucky witches have made their house available and it looks spooktacular!

The Sanderson sisters’ cottage from the cult Halloween movies Hocus Pocus has been recreated and it has all the details directly from the set in the movies! 

In the woods outside Danvers, Massachusetts, a replica of the structure has been erected, replete with a cauldron, spell book and black-flame candle. Only a few miles separate it from Salem, the setting of the film, where more than 200 individuals were accused of being witches in 1692 and 1693.

The original film release of Hocus Pocus was over 20 years ago and last year fans were treated to a sequel! The three sisters, played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker, returned to their roles as they sought the essence of children in order to gain perpetual life.

It was placed on Air BnB with the following description:

‘As though untouched by time, our creaky old cottage stands tall amidst the trees, beckoning visitors as if by trance. Enter by window or water wheel, but watch your step – a cobweb or two and the smoke from our cauldron await you inside.


Amidst the broomsticks and apothecary bottles, the Black Flame Candle flickers and our beloved Manual of Witchcraft and Alchemy sleeps deeply – lest something (or someone) wakes it. It’s a magnificently eerie scene certain to get guests in the Halloween ‘spirit.’

There are now rumours that there will be a threequel in the Hocus Pocus series with the three actresses all showing interest in once again getting into costume and make up to play the terribly wicked Sanderson sisters!

Would you be excited for a Hocus Pocus 3? Or should it stay as a magical duology?