Bruce Willis Is “Not Totally Verbal” Amid His Dementia Battle


An further update on Willis’ health was provided by Glenn Gordon Caron, who has remained close to the actor and his family.

Bruce Willis’ close friend and Moonlighting creator Glenn Gordon Caron provides an update on the actor’s health as he fights frontotemporal dementia.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Caron stated that he makes an effort to see the Die Hard actor approximately once a month and that he believes Willis still recognises him when he is there.

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“My sense is the first one to three minutes he knows who I am,” he said. “He’s not totally verbal; he used to be a voracious reader — he didn’t want anyone to know that — and he’s not reading now. All those language skills are no longer available to him, and yet he’s still Bruce.”

He added, “When you’re with him, you know that he’s Bruce and you’re grateful that he’s there, but the joie de vivre is gone.”

In the 1985–89 television series Moonlighting, alongside Cybill Shepherd’s Maddie Hayes, Caron and Willis had their first collaboration. Willis played David Addison Jr. The inventor of Medium claimed that since that time, he has maintained touch with Willis, his ex-wife Demi Moore, their three elder children, Emma Heming Willis, and all of them.

“I have tried very hard to stay in his life. He’s an extraordinary person,” he told the outlet. “The thing that makes [his disease] so mind-blowing is [that] if you’ve ever spent time with Bruce Willis, there is no one who had any more joie de vivre than he. He loved life and … just adored waking up every morning and trying to live life to its fullest.”

The actor’s family made public the news that the Pulp Fiction star was quitting performing in 2022 after receiving an aphasia diagnosis. They disclosed earlier this year that Willis’ illness had developed into dementia.

During an appearance on the Today show last month, Heming Willis provided an update on the 68-year-old actor’s battle, adding that “it’s hard to know” if he completely comprehends his diagnosis and declining health.

“It’s hard on the person diagnosed, it’s also hard on the family. And that is no different for Bruce, or myself, or our girls,” she added at the time. “When they say this is a family disease, it really is.”

Bruce Willis’ Daughter Has Shared Heartbreaking Details About Her Father’s Condition

Willis, 68, is a well-known Hollywood actor who is best known for playing enduring characters in blockbusters like Die Hard and Pulp Fiction.

When it was revealed that the actor from The Sixth Sense would be leaving the movie business last year due to aphasia, a degenerative brain condition, his fans were met with deep sadness.

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Willis’ family recently issued an update on his health, revealing that he has also been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), adding to the terrible news.

Tallulah, 29, the actor’s daughter, has now provided additional details regarding his current health.

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In a personal essay published in Vogue, Tallulah, 29, said she had suspected her father was ill for a while but had initially attributed his lack of response to “Hollywood hearing loss.”

She started blaming herself as his illness got worse, thinking he had lost interest in her after having kids with his second wife.

Additionally, Tallulah talked about her own battles with anorexia and how she was preoccupied with her body dysmorphia and was therefore unaware of her father’s quiet suffering.

She didn’t realise the severity of Willis’ condition until a wedding in the summer of 2021, when she painfully realised she would never hear her father speak at her own wedding.

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She writes: “Suddenly I realised that I would never get that moment, my dad speaking about me in adulthood at my wedding.

“It was devastating. I left the dinner table, stepped outside, and wept in the bushes.”

Tallulah is now devoted to savouring every moment she spends with her father, documenting their relationship with innumerable images and voicemails.

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Although Willis’ dementia has not hindered his ability to move, Tallulah is aware that his aphasia can shift unpredictably.

She adds: “I know that trials are looming, that this is the beginning of grief.”

She holds out aspirations for their connection despite the challenges and thinks they would be terrific friends if only they had more time.

Tallulah gave an account of Willis’ routine at home, where he works in his office while listening to music and surrounded by his collection of “knickknacks.”

Tallulah has experienced a variety of physical and mental health problems throughout her father’s challenges, including body image issues, anorexia, depression, and ADHD.

She talked openly about her road to recovery and how her family stepped in and helped her when she needed it most.

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Tallulah considers her own situation and wonders on what may have happened if her father had been fully informed of her difficulties.

“If he had understood, he might have scooped me up and said, ‘This is ending now’,” she writes.

After breaking up with her fiancé in June of the previous year, Tallulah’s family decided to admit her to a another in-patient facility.

She received a borderline personality disorder diagnosis there.

Tallulah feels more present in her life and her relationship with her father right now, even though she understands that her recovery will probably last a lifetime.