Woman Rides Horse Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru As Stunned Staff Look On


Everyone was too stunned to speak!

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When a woman rode into a McDonald’s drive-thru in Australia on the back of a horse, the personnel found the scene a little peculiar.

Of course you would have some inquiries, wouldn’t you? Besides “Can I take your order, please?”

Do you continue to cater for them? Well, McDonald’s says you shouldn’t do that.

There are regulations prohibiting riding a horse through the drive-through.

However, this woman was able to achieve her goals.

This strange event occurred at a Maccies store in Yarrabilba, Queensland, Australia, which is close to Brisbane.

Anyone who is familiar with that region of the world won’t be at all surprised by that.

The woman proceeded through the drive-through nevertheless, photographing the entire experience for her social media accounts. She noticed that the sign said “no pedestrians,” but not “no horses,” so she figured everything would be fine.

She walked up to the window and purchased a small soy-milk chai coffee before allowing the employee to pet her horse.

Hopefully they then sanitised their hands.

And even though it seems like this kind of stuff happens more frequently than you may imagine, everyone seemed to be genuinely enjoying the novelty of it.

The video has received hundreds of thousands of views, and many individuals have commented with their opinions.

One person said: “They served you!?!? Neat! So many maccas refuse.

“Refuse motorbikes, bicycles, anything not a car. This is beautiful.”

To which the creator responded: “No-one turns VIBE down.”

“I love how excited everyone was,” commented another person.

A third wrote: “Lot more chill than our maccas. Ours refuse you.”

The fact of the situation is that if you’re not in a car or, presumably, a van, they’re supposed to refuse you.

It is not permitted to ride a motorbike or push bicycle through the drive-through.

This is due to problems involving the riders’, horses’, staff’s, and other customers’ safety.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s told Mail Online: “Ensuring the safety of our people and customers is our top priority at McDonald’s,

“We have strict safety policies in place and do not allow customers on horseback through the drive-thru, for the safety of the rider, our employees, fellow customers and the animal.”

So, even if it all seemed like good fun and everyone appeared to be secure and content, we can’t tell you to do it for yourself with good conscience.

In fact, the complete opposite.

Avoid attempting this at your neighbourhood Maccies because you will likely be turned away.

McDonald’s Increases The Price Of A Cheeseburger For The First Time In 14 Years

Golden Arches Have Gone GOTHIC

In a world where innovation knows no bounds, prepare to be captivated by the dark and delicious allure of the AI-generated Gothic McDonald’s.

This culinary masterpiece seamlessly blends the enigmatic charm of Gothic architecture with the irresistible flavors of everyone’s favorite fast-food giant. It’s a spectacle that defies conventions and tantalizes taste buds in the most unexpected way.

Imagine strolling down a cobblestone street, shrouded in a thick veil of fog, and suddenly, emerging from the mist, you encounter a towering edifice of Gothic grandeur. A structure so intricate and awe-inspiring that it could have been plucked from the pages of a Victorian novel. But this is no ordinary cathedral or castle; this is the AI-generated Gothic McDonald’s.

Every detail of this eerie yet enchanting eatery exudes an aura of mystery. The blackened stone façade is adorned with intricate carvings, reminiscent of gargoyles and grotesques that seem to come to life under the pale moonlight. Towering spires and turrets pierce the night sky, casting eerie shadows that dance to the rhythm of the wind.

Once you step inside, prepare to have your senses dazzled and your taste buds bewitched. The interior is a symphony of dimly lit candelabras, velvet draperies, and antique mirrors that seem to harbor secrets of their own. The menu, an ingenious fusion of the traditional and the extraordinary, offers a range of delectable delights like the “Vampire’s Delight Burger” and the “Gothic Garden Salad.”

What makes this Gothic McDonald’s truly exceptional is the AI mastermind orchestrating its every detail. Using a combination of deep learning algorithms and creative neural networks, the AI has ingeniously married the dark romanticism of Gothic architecture with the familiar comforts of McDonald’s cuisine.

As you sink your teeth into the “Midnight McFlurry,” you’ll discover a swirl of flavors and textures that ignite your senses. The “Eternal Fries” arrive hot and crisp, sprinkled with a secret blend of spices that you won’t find in any other fast-food joint. And for dessert, don’t miss the “Cursed Apple Pie,” a bewitching twist on the classic that promises a surprise with every bite.

The AI-generated Gothic McDonald’s is more than just a restaurant; it’s a world of whimsy, wonder, and unexpected delights. Whether you’re savoring the tantalizing dishes, exploring the mesmerizing architecture, or simply reveling in the unique atmosphere, this culinary creation is a testament to the boundless possibilities of AI-driven creativity.

As the Gothic McDonald’s continues to enthrall diners from all corners of the globe, it’s a testament to the endless potential of AI to blend the past with the present, the mysterious with the familiar, and the enchanting with the everyday. So, if you find yourself in search of an otherworldly dining experience, venture into the realm of the AI-generated Gothic McDonald’s, where every bite is a journey into the unknown, and every visit promises a dash of dark enchantment.

McDonald’s Menu Items From Around The World You Never Knew Existed

The McDonald’s menu is some what iconic in its own right. The Big Mac, the McChicken Sandwich, the McFlurries, and, of course, the McNuggets.

However, if you’ve ever visited a McDonald’s in another nation, you may have felt a pang of envy as you looked at what’s on offer. Tell me you’re not tempted to book a flight to Malaysia in 2021 only to sample that Cookies & Cream Pie. Perhaps you’ve spoken with your Indian aunt and arranged for a special delivery of 20 Veggie Maharaja Macs. Having said that, we’d be fine if the Philippines’ McSpaghetti didn’t make a debut in the UK anytime soon…

Photo: Mcdonalds

McSpaghetti was a popular dish at American McDonald’s in the 1970s, although it has since been phased out. However, it is still available in the Philippines.

Photo: Mcdonalds

Americans adore McDonald’s hamburgers and fries, but wouldn’t it be good to expand out from the Quarter Pounder and Big Mac every now and then? And we’re not talking about throwing in a Whopper here and there. This is an excellent time to arrange a flight to Bali, Indonesia, for an entirely different take on the McDonald’s experience.

Photo: Mcdonalds

The McSpicy Paneer, a cheeseburger unlike any other, is served at McDonald’s in India and features a crispy patty cooked with paneer, a popular Indian cheese. It’s served with lettuce and a creamy tandoori sauce.

Photo: Mcdonalds

McDonald’s Malaysia’s fruity McFlurry blends the best of both worlds. Vanilla ice cream with sweet, juicy mango and chocolatey Oreo chunks blended in!

Photo: Mcdonalds

If you visit a McDonald’s in Hawaii, you’ll see a unique regional breakfast meal on the menu. A breakfast platter of rice, scrambled eggs, Spam, and Portuguese sausage is available in restaurants.

Photo: Mcdonalds

It’s not just the savoury McDonald’s menu items that differ from country to country. McCafés also offer a variety of sweet delights, such as this Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake, which can be found in Hong Kong branches. Layers of matcha pancakes, matcha cream, and red beans make up the mille crêpe cake (roughly translated as thousand pancake cake).

Photo: Mcdonalds

The giant Chicken Big Mac, which was previously exclusively available in Australia, debuted in the United Kingdom and Ireland in February 2022. Two crispy chicken breast patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and, of course, Big Mac sauce are all featured on the triple-layered bread. It was only available as a limited-edition item until March, but we’re sure UK fans will be hoping it stays longer!

It’s made to think how much the iconic Mcdonald’s menu varies so much around the world. There’s some items here we definitely need to try and some perhaps we’ll save for a rainy day…

The Real Reason Why McDonalds Got Rid of Ronald McDonalds Is Freaking People Out

Find out the real reason why McDonalds got rid of their mascot Ronald McDonald.

After finding out the shocking reason why McDonald’s fired Ronald McDonald, many were terrified.

The fast food restaurant initially unveiled the mascot clown in 1963, and over time, he gained widespread adoration even being referred to as the “newest, silliest, hamburger-eating-est clown” during his rule.

Credit: McDonalds

Did you know he even had McDonalds friends? He frequently appeared alongside his buddies, including The Fry Kids, Mayor McCheese, and Hamburglar.

All of this, however, came to a stop in 2016 when the business chose to fire Ronald.

A worrying trend was sweeping the US at the time, and it finally caught on here in the UK as well.


People started putting on creepy and scary clown outfits and walking around with weapons! 

This resulted in the spread of terror, which the police described as “no laughing matter.” In response to the worrying trend McDonald’s issued a statement proclaiming the demise of Ronald. 

Credit: USA Today

The company promised to be even more “thoughtful” regarding Ronald McDonald’s participation in neighbourhood activities in light of the ‘current climate around clown sightings in communities’


Although McDonalds do state that while ‘We’re afraid that Ronald McDonald no longer appears in McDonald’s UK advertising, but he is still very busy working for us,’ the red-haired character has not been seen since the clown frenzy.

Looks like we won’t be seeing Ronald any time soon in adverts but if you do see him make sure to give him a wave!


McDonald’s Customer Shares Secret $5 Combo That Isn’t On Menu

There’s something quite delightful about snagging a great deal at McDonald’s, and it’s even better when you discover a menu item that not everyone knows about.

A woman from New York has gone viral on TikTok for sharing her savvy McDonald’s hack, where she orders a $5 combo that isn’t listed on the regular menu.

In a TikTok video with over 500,000 views, the user @becomin_a_saint demonstrates how to order this secret combo. She drives up to the McDonald’s drive-thru and simply asks for the ‘$5 meal.’ The employee then offers a choice between a double cheeseburger or a McChicken burger. What’s more, they inquire about your preferred dipping sauce for the four McNuggets, hinting at even more options for this special deal.

The TikToker receives her order and excitedly unveils it, revealing a substantial meal for just $5. She mentions that she got it for her kids and expresses her satisfaction with the bargain.

Many viewers were pleasantly surprised by this discovery and admitted they had no idea about this value-packed combo. Comments poured in with people expressing their desire to try it, with statements like, “I need this!” and “That’s a deal.”

However, some viewers reported that they tried to order the $5 meal but were told it wasn’t available in their area. Others claimed that the special combo is accessible through the McDonald’s app, where they’ve been using it regularly.

There was a bit of debate in the comments, with some insisting that it’s not a secret deal but a regular menu item in certain locations. One person clarified, “It’s not a secret; it’s on the menu, at least where I am.” Another individual shared, “In New York state, it’s called a ‘fan deal’—the same items, $5, and it’s great.”

The TikToker herself acknowledged the regional variations, commenting, “Different location areas have different deals, I guess.”

In essence, while not everyone may have access to this specific $5 combo, it’s clear that there are some great hidden gems and regional deals to explore at McDonald’s. The next time you visit your local McDonald’s, you might want to inquire about!