Parkour Runner Misses His Jump And Falls Off A High Rise Rooftop


This is definitely not something you should try at home!

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One parkour performer botched his jump and fell off the rooftop of a tall building.

We can all agree that parkour free runners, who mount enormous buildings with little more than sheer willpower and optimistic thinking, are a whole different species of thrill-seeker than other adrenaline seekers.

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And this runner demonstrated just that by filming the POV moment when things could have truly gone south.

Warning: Video contains material that some viewers may find quite frightful.

Fortunately, the man lived to tell the tale, and the terrifying bodycam clip was later shared to YouTube.

The parkour runner can be seen in the video moving on the ledge of a very tall building before frighteningly rounding a tight turn and becoming entangled in what appear to be electrical lines.

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He then completely loses his footing and tumbles down the building’s side before his lightning-fast reflexes cause him to cling for the wires for dear life as he climbed the wall.

Fortunately, the man was having fun with a friend who assisted him in getting over the edge and to safety. The two can then be heard laughing hysterically as they process what just happened.

Since then, the video has received over 2.4 million views and countless comments on the platform.

One YouTube user penned: “I think he finally found that proper adrenaline rush he was looking for.”

That’s one way of putting it.

“Is anyone else impressed at how strong those wires are?” asked a second. “I guess they both messed up his attempt and saved his life at the same time.”

Talk about dual purpose.

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A fellow adrenaline junkie chimed in: “As someone who also came close to falling to his death rock climbing, I understand that hysterical laughter at the end when you reach safety.”

Another echoed: “As someone who’s slipped off the top of a roof into a pool inches away from the concrete, the laughter is relatable.”

“He’s SO lucky his friends were there to save him,” pointed out a fifth. “Imagine if he did this alone…”

The video has subsequently been posted on several social media sites, and one post that received more than 21.1 million views on X (formerly known as Twitter) went viral.

The internet clearly couldn’t wait to express its thoughts on the harrowing journey. One person advised:

“If you want an adrenaline rush, just go to the gym…”

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“Really, it’s simple maths!” joked a second. “The more you f**k around, the more you find out!”

A final user claimed: “One thing is for sure, he won’t do it again.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see for that one.

Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘Harry Potter’ Stunt Double Was Left Paralysed After Accident On Set

Although stuntman David Holmes has a real claim to playing the kid wizard on screen, Daniel Radcliffe became a global celebrity for his leading role as Harry Potter in the wildly popular film series.

Holmes performed all of Daniel Radcliffe’s stunts for the whole Harry Potter series. At the age of 17, he got his start as a stunt double in The Philosopher’s/Stone Sorcerer’s in 2001.

He was the perfect replacement for Radcliffe, who was just 11 at the time due to his little stature, and he worked with the young actor in each subsequent Harry Potter movie until a terrible catastrophe on the set of Deathly Hallows: Part 2 abruptly changed everything.

In 2009, Holmes was practising a stunt in which he would be “swept back” by a controlled explosion while being fastened to a harness.

However, the act ultimately went “badly wrong,” resulting in Holmes smashing into a wall, becoming paralysed from the waist down, and being confined to a wheelchair.

Immediately after the incident, a source stated that the stuntman was still conscious and told his coworkers, “I can’t feel my legs”.

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Speaking to The Mirror, an insider said: “The stunt double was badly hurt. He was rehearsing a flying scene which involved an explosion and it seems to have gone badly wrong.”

Holmes was transported right away to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in North London, which specialises in spinal injuries, by paramedics who arrived on the spot and worked nonstop to rescue him.

YouTube: dijares

David was told by the medical team that although they had been able to preserve his life, he was now paralysed from the chest down and had only very limited use of his arms and hands.

“‘I have gone from being able to stand on my hands for half an hour at a time and then all of a sudden I can’t sit up in bed,” 

Credit: PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy

“My first thought was, ‘Don’t ring mum and dad, I don’t want to worry them’,” he added.

David spent six months in the hospital learning to adapt to his new way of life, but Tom Felton and fellow Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe routinely paid him visits and encouraged him as he recovered.

The two remained close friends even after Radcliffe held a charity auction to help pay for Holmes’ medical expenses.

“I’ve got a relationship that goes back many, many years with Dave,” Radcliffe said during the charity auction.

“And I would hate for people to just see me and Dave and go, ‘Oh, there’s Daniel Radcliffe with a person in a wheelchair’ – because I would never, even for a moment, want them to assume that Dave was anything except for an incredibly important person in my life.”

Since his accident, neither David’s passion for the business nor his friendship with Radcliffe have wavered. The two even collaborated to host their own podcast series, “Cunning Stunts,” in which they speak with stunt performers in an effort to raise awareness of one of the most crucial but underappreciated sectors of the movie business.

Despite the fact that Holmes’ injuries changed the course of his life, the courageous actor never allowed them define him and declared that he was determined to regain control of his life no matter how challenging it could be.

In fact, he now runs his own podcast – Cunning Stunts – where he – “hopes to highlight and pay tribute to the amazing work that our Stunt Coordinators and Performers do whilst on set in the name of entertainment.”

Download it now to learn more about the extraordinary lengths stunt actors go to in order to make us smile! New episodes are presently released every week.