Giant Screen Falls During Concert in Hong Kong, Crushing Dancers


Thousands of concertgoers saw the horrifying moment a massive screen crashed to the ground from a stadium ceiling, crushing a dancer. On Thursday night at the Hong Kong Coliseum, boy band Mirror was giving their first performance.

A screen crashed and crushed dancers below, cutting short a live performance by the Hong Kong boy band Mirror; at least three people were hurt. Before the night takes a terrible turn, the crowd seems to be being entertained by the vivacious entertainers.

Thursday evening, boy band Mirror performed their first concert at Hong Kong Coliseum. The performers seem to be entertaining the crowd before the evening takes a dark turn. In the disturbing video, the big LCD screen that was hanging above the stage seems to fall down.

The dancer gets struck directly by the weighty screen, which causes him to fall to the ground and is pinned there. Then it flips over and lands on another dancer.

According to local estimates, the fall may have caused up to 3 showgoers to sustain injuries. The screen crashed onto the stage as captured on camera, drawing numerous gasps from the audience of supporters.

Thursday’s incident comes just a few days after one of the band’s members, Frankie Chan Sui-fai, fell off the stage while giving a speech during a concert.

According to the South China Morning Post, Chan was able to get back on stage shortly after and told fans, “I’m sorry, I fell.” In a social media post after the concert, Chan wrote, “Sorry for making everyone worry. I was too focused on my words. Only some bruises. I’m a lucky man,” the South China Morning Post reported.–crushing-dancers%2F100545

According to publication Dim Sum Daily, three people from the audience were taken to hospital. In its latest update, the report said the two injured dancers were conscious and receiving treatment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.