Meet The Woman Who Collects Used Condoms


It’s certainly a different kind of hobby.

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In a world filled with peculiar pastimes, some hobbies defy belief. While many young adults take their love lives seriously, some have peculiar preferences that will leave you astounded.

Meet Tonje, a 27-year-old woman from Norway, who has taken her fascination with safe sex to unimaginable heights. She’s not merely an advocate for condoms; she’s a collector of used ones! Yes, you read that right.

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Tonje has turned her bedroom wall into a jaw-dropping exhibition, showcasing a staggering 2,000 used condoms for all to witness. But how did this bizarre journey begin?

It all started back in 2010 when Tonje requested her boyfriend to keep the used condom, all because of its peculiar smell. Her boyfriend was repulsed, and their relationship eventually fizzled out. But Tonje’s obsession didn’t stop there.

She took things to a whole new level by inviting intoxicated friends over for bedroom adventures and insisted they leave their used condoms behind as souvenirs. Shockingly, this was just the beginning of Tonje’s unusual collection.

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Tonje spared no expense, sometimes paying up to a mind-boggling $75 for certain prized rubbers. But that’s not all; each condom on her bedroom wall is accompanied by a photograph of the donor, a gesture that sets her back an additional $10 per piece.

And Tonje has no intentions of pumping the brakes on her peculiar pursuit. She’s determined to amass a whopping 10,000 condoms for her ever-growing collection.

She’s even getting some assistance from an unlikely source – her own father! He’s asked his friends to contribute to his daughter’s bizarre quest for love gloves.

Tonje’s story is a jaw-dropping reminder that in the world of unique hobbies, some individuals are pushing boundaries that will truly leave you flabbergasted.

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