23 Quirky Sex Toys To Laugh At Or With


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It’s like the philosopher Slavoj Zizek once wrote: “everyone is a pervert because what seems normal to someone might be considered bizarre by others”, which is why sex toys are never too ridiculous.

Sex toys can be “omg” fun, but also “haha” fun and that is part of the joy. When sharing that hilarious sex toy link with a friend or a partner, we partake in the jubilations of teenage-like tittering but also find directions in a wonderful world of hidden alleyways related to the pleasures of the flesh. It is a communal thing, even. You share a laugh now, might share an orgasm later.

These seductive plastic babies have more uses than a rubber duck in the bathtub, they are more intriguing than Donald Trump’s hair, better at their job than Elon Musk is at ranting on Twitter. Sex toys are really the invisible glue that holds us together as a society.

From necklace vibrators and dildos with a built-in camera to fisting equipment, sex toys are for-play – yes, puns galore over here – and we have found the most exciting items available on the web for you to laugh at or with.

Young or old, single or otherwise, for a laugh or for real, sex toys are a reminder that life is good which is why we have compiled the 35 quirkiest sex toys available online:

1. Magic Ball

I was going to explain how it works but it’s quite intuitive.

Magic ball indeed as it is full of tricks! Credit: Amazon

2. Duck with a dick

Yes, you read that right. Do what you will with that information.

A duck. With. A. Dick. Credit: Amazon

3. Corn-shaped Dildo

Vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

For a healthy diet. Credit: Amazon

4. Hairy Realistic 3D Pocket Pussy

This toy is featured in our list simply because of its absolute lack of realism and utmost ugliness. No judgements to anyone but the manufacturers. It’s not too expensive, though, which might make it suddenly that bit more appealing.

Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder but… Credit: Amazon

5. Vibrator with built-in camera

Portable toy with a built-in camera at the end of the shaft if you want your partner to really (really) know you from the inside out.

Built-in camera for radical intimacy. Credit: Amazon

6. Pinwheel

These spikes are for sensation play or proper kinky stuff, i.e. you can choose fifty shades of grey or what fifty shades of grey dreams to become when it grows up.

50 shades of spikes. Credit: Unbound Babes

7. Inflatable Anal Plug

Not for medical purposes. Unless you want to play doctor.

It looks like the equipment to measure your pressure, but it is for something else. Credit: Amazon

8. Reusable Condom

Just, please, promise you will never ever forget to wash it, yeah? Ever.

We are approaching a climatic catastrophe so might as well reuse condoms too. Credit: Amazon

9. Chin Strap-on or The Accommodator

Mum! Look at me without the hands!

For added oral fun once you get tired of all the talking. Credit: Adam & Eve

10. Dueling Dicks

For some, a party gag. For others, a masterpiece.

Let’s play a game: empowering or misogynistic? Credit: Amazon

11. Cactus Dildo

Not as spikey as you would think since it’s made of silicon.

If you are wondering why he looks so angry, ask yourself how you would feel if you were him. Credit: Etsy

12. Glow in the dark dildo

Never again shall I lose my dildo in the dark!

It doubles as a bedside lamp for some light reading. Credit: Love Honey

13. Magic Hand Dildo

The fisting is real.

If you ever need an extra hand. Credit: Alibaba

14. Vibrator Necklace

A vibrator as a necklace. That is a statement piece, alright.

When sex is the only fashion trend you like to follow. Credit: Goop

15. Happy rabbit anal plug

An anal plug to go with that black top you just bought!

You know how wine and fur don’t go along? Credit: Love Honey

16. Chastity Ring

Not necessarily a sex toy but, rather, an “anti-sex” toy. This baby is made of stainless steel which doesn’t rust. After all, nobody here would want a rusty chastity ring.

For all your chastity needs. Credit: Amazon

17. Clitoris vibrator

The reviews say this needs a whole lotta lube.

You can use it for clit massages or for spreading butter. Credit: Love Honey

18. Confetti Dildo

For festive days that deserve a bit of confetti.

When the cause for celebration is the celebration itself. Credit: Amazon

19. Oral sex candy

Delicious fizzy, popping, bursting and exploding oral candy, they said. Oral sex candy doesn’t make you gain weight, they said.

Eating out will never feel the same. Credit: Amazon

20. Silver fox tail butt plug

The expression “silver fox” never meant so much and so little at the same time.

I wonder how the original fox is coping without its tail. Credit: Love Honey

21. Wolf muzzle masturbation sleeve

Working your way into the mouth, the inside is soft, the tongue and throat are textured. The website says this will get you ‘howling’. Yes, howling.

owooooo. Credit: Bad Dragon

22. Candy heart butt plug

This is unlikely to be sweet.

Not edible, I’m afraid. Credit: Adam & Eve

23. Eggplant emoji dildo

A bulbous plant of the nightshade family of plants, eggplants are used in many delicious dishes around the world. And to represent penises online.

For when you get tired of sending people virtual eggplant emojis. Credit: Emojibator

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