Woman Makes More Than $600 A Month Renting Out One Side Of Her Bed To Lonely Strangers


A bizarre new trend called hot bedding is making its rounds. Australian entrepreneur and reality TV star, Monique Jeremiah went viral after coining the term. She disclosed she uses it to make some extra income, and oddly, it requires very little effort.

Hot bedding is likely not feasible for those who have an aversion to “co-habitation” with strangers. However, for those who don’t mind facing a little stranger danger in order to save some money on sleeping accommodations. “It is the perfect avenue to save money, live simply, and of course not be alone.” Jeremiah explained, continuing, “Hot bedding is excellent for people who are able to detach emotionally and sleep next to another person in a completely respectful and non-strings-attached manner.”

Hot bedding refers to a situation in which a person rents half of her bed, essentially sharing the bed for the duration of their stay. Jeremiah came up with the idea during the pandemic in 2020. “I suddenly found myself single; my thriving business of an international education agency and student accommodation collapsed overnight, and my teaching career suddenly became unfulfilling as education went online,” she recalled. “My life was literally imploding beyond my control. I knew my only option was to innovate and think outside the box. That’s how I decided to do hot bedding.”

Jeremiah points out that in addition to saving money, hot bedding is beneficial for those looking for closeness with another person. “It is the perfect situation, especially if you are a sapiosexual, like myself, and you prefer companionship over the physical,’ she explained. “It takes two people who respect each other’s space, values, and boundaries to do hot bedding.” Although many people find hot bedding “bizarre,” Jeremiah feels that it works for her but stresses the importance of establishing boundaries and sticking to them to ensure comfort for both parties.

“Being an entrepreneur is already a lonely journey as you build a company,’ she explained. ‘So why sleep alone when you can sleep with a companion, with someone with the same discipline and drive, while making money in your sleep?”

As strange of a trend as hot bedding is, it seems to be gaining momentum as the cost of living continues to rise. A survey taken at the University of Technology in Sydney polled 7,000 international students in 2021. Despite being from numerous other countries, the polled students attended schools in Sydney and Melbourne, and not all were students at university. In fact, many were participants of vocational colleges.

Sadly, around 40 percent of students purportedly skipped meals due to financial costs. Meanwhile, 3 percent of students admitted to joining the hot bedding trend in order to save on rent. Of the students partaking in hot bedding, around 45% were female, and 4% of students were aged 18. The largest number of participants, with 42%, were aged 22-25. Interestingly, around 35% came from low-income countries. At the same time, about 50% of hot bedding participants were from middle-income countries.

It’s clear from the studies that Monique Jeremiah isn’t the only person using hot bedding to supplement income. Although some people have said things like, “Just get a bunk bed” or “It’s a very sad way people are forced to live,” others have disclosed on TikTok that they’re already partaking in the hot bedding trend.

“I’m a med student in New Zealand and my friend and I do this. ofc (of course) we weren’t friends at first it was totally anonymous but decided to meet,” explained one TikTok user.

Hot bedding is an unconventional, but ultimately, easy way to save or make some extra cash, and possibly a lifelong friend. Sadly, the global, rising cost of living is forcing people to get creative when it comes to earning enough money. Therefore, we’re likely to see trends like hot bedding, selling feet pics, and so on continue to emerge.