Gran Was So Obsessed With M&Ms She Was Buried In Coffin Shaped Like A Giant One


A grandmother who loved chocolate was buried in an enormous M&M model, as per her wishes.

Mary Ester Stocks Martin Gailey, a language arts teacher for 30 years, was fondly known as her initials ‘MM’ by her students.

At her burial in Arizona, US, her family and friends honoured the inside joke by dressing in M&M-inspired attire.

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Lisa Richardson, Mary’s daughter-in-law, said: ‘Her only regret was that she wasn’t going to be able to attend her own funeral to see people’s faces.

‘M&Ms were her theme. she was a teacher for 30 years and her initials were MM so her student gave her M&Ms memorabilia until she had an entire room full of it.’

Her coffin was shaped like a huge blue M&M, with several smaller candies bearing the names of her loved ones in the centre.

Mary’s children were included: Steven Douglas Martin, William Gary Martin, Cindy Elaine Roundtree, and Thomas Dan Martin.

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William, known as Bill, told Esquire Middle East: ‘The casket is a tribute to the over 5,000 students she taught throughout her career. She will be missed.’

Mary’s grandson, Scott Roundtree, shared photos from her burial.

He wrote: ‘You were right [Grandma] we all loved your casket.

‘You fought so hard. I miss you so much. I’m gonna miss the popcorn, The Rice Krispies, and most of all those hugs.’

Many of Mary’s previous students came to her burial and recalled how she was their “biggest supporter.”

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One of her students, James Owen, said: ‘She always, ALWAYS, believed in me, and I got to see her every week for the last several years.

‘And in the most Mary thing ever, she requested to be buried in a giant M&M.’

James remembered singing at Mary’s wedding and complimented her for her “unfailing” connection with his mother.

In addition, Mary taught swimming before she retired in 2000.