Law Student Cheats On Exam By Etching Tiny Notes On Pens


A criminal procedural law exam would require extensive time and study.

But so would engraving your entire syllabus around the outside of 11 pens.

When he inscribed a set of blue Bic pens with letters that were nearly minuscule, a student in Spain opted for the latter choice.

But he was caught, and the original crib notes were taken away.

Yolanda de Lucchi, a lecturer at Malaga University, tweeted about the unusual attempt to cheat last Wednesday.

She uttered: ‘Tidying up my office, I found this university relic that we confiscated from a student a few years ago. 

‘Criminal procedural law in bic pens. What art!’

Gonzo, who asserts to know the pupil responsible for this, said ‘The technique used by the artist, as he himself tells me, was to replace the graphite lead of a mechanical pencil with a needle, which made it super easy for him to write in the pen.’

Since then, Yolanda’s tweet has received nearly 300,000 likes and more than 24,000 retweets.

Many people made the obvious argument that the student might as well have just studied if he was going to put out this much effort.

Statistics revealed in July that during lockdowns, the number of Oxford University students being probed for cheating doubled.

From 35 cases in 2018–19 to 69 cases in 2019–20, and then to 77 cases in 2020–21, there were more cases.

Since the pandemic’s end, the number of cases has once more dropped, reaching 32 in 2021–2022.

With 146 cases, the university’s division of social sciences had the most cases under investigation for academic dishonesty, while the division of medical sciences had the fewest cases, only 19.