Baby Celebrities’ Photos To Melt Your Heart


Imagine Adele, Rihana, Cardi B and Ed Sheeran as babies. Now stop imagining and scroll down to actually see them. Can you guess who was who before looking at the caption?

We love a good celebrity but we love babies even more. Now combine the two and my heart is on a plate ready to be served! Eat my heart full, baby Selena Gomez. I don’t like your music, Billie Eilish, but your baby picture is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Ed Sheeran, you look the exact same.

Bruno Mars

One of my favourite pastimes is to imagine celebrities doing normal things reserved for us commoners. For example, it makes me giggle to imagine, say, Lady Gaga doing the dishes – never happened – or Harry Styles tying up his shoelaces – never ever gonna happen.

And I suppose it is normal to feel that way, after all, I am actually a very close friend of Katy Perry’s, she just doesn’t know about it – or feel the same way about me but potato, potato. K – as I call her – was there when I first kissed a girl and liked it. She helped me feel more comfortable without makeup which was a Teenage Dream. We cried together when Russel Brand broke her heart. We’ve been through a lot! Of course I want to see her baby picture!

On the other hand, even if I feel so close to K. Even if I follow Ariana Grande’s career with excitement, neither of them know me at all. They’ve never heard of me and that’s quite strange. And if you think that is strange, imagine how Lorde felt when I asked her to hold my mobile while I looked for a pen for her to sign my bra.

To this day I feel teary thinking about Leo DiCaprio’s frozen body sinking down the ocean. There was enough space for the two of them and Kate knows it. My heart sunk with him. Leo was dead so how can he be alive and hunting bears in The Revenant? It’s confusing.

But do you know what resolves all the confusion in life? Baby photos! Baby photos of strangers already warms our hearts, imagine the power of a celeb photo. There’s nothing but joy in looking at these celebs in their small human versions.

Ed Sheeran

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