Amazing Home Cinemas (Including Kylie Jenner’s)


No one wants to go to the cinema anymore but anyone alive would want a cinema like Kylie Jenner’s or like a Batcave at the house.

The advantages of having your own private cinema are endless. Bathroom breaks galore, infinite popcorn, sound volume control – both of the film and of the people watching it with you – and no covid are just a few of them. There are, of course, small downsides as a home cinema cannot be a cheap enterprise. Whenever I look at those photos online, my first thought is “who’s gonna clean that all up?” But I’m no millionaire so ignore me.

However, since we are online, we are allowed to check out the pictures without paying the price. Therefore, have a look at the most amazing home cinemas available exclusively to millionaires – or humble online stalkers like us.

Credit: Instagram

Just like that, Kylie Jenner transformed her basement into a decked-out bar and theatre for the launch of a new business. Well, I did the same to my bedroom when I started selling my hand-knitted socks at the age of 8 – it looked slightly different though, I think it was the lighting. If Kylie can commission a party planner to transform her basement into a home cinema, what to say of this Batcave created by Elite HTS.

Credit: Elite HTS

According to Elite ETS, the Batcave is the best selling concept of theirs costing only $2 million. No, I don’t think they give cashback nor do they accept mortgages. The Batcave has six life-sized replica Batsuits and is equipped with full security control not of Gotham City, nope, of the theatre itself.

Elite ETS does, however, design the Batcave for free if you’re already a millionaire. The company’s CEO, Bobby Bala has told Bored Panda that:

“While we definitely would love to actually take part in building a Batcave home theatre like this someday, it will remain a dream of ours until we find a reclusive billionaire with a deep-set fear of blind, flying mammals to make it a reality.”

Amongst many manufacturers for the uber-rich, Elite HTS makes ultra-luxury home theatre seating. In case you ever need to change your couch right after saving up a couple of hundred thousand dollars in change, these kinds of companies are what you should look for.

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