Man Slammed For Trying To Sell Neighbour’s Delivery Back To Them After It Was Left At The Wrong Address


This man really tried to sell the neighbours package back to them!

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A man has expressed his horror following his neighbor’s theft of his delivery and subsequent attempt to resell it to him.

Missing a delivery is one thing, but having it stolen from you is quite another.

We must constantly be aware of the status of our numerous deliveries, which is one of the little annoyances of the current world.

They are occasionally placed in your blue trash, occasionally left at the post office delivery facility, and occasionally left with a neighbour.

They appear to have given it to the wrong individual on this occasion.

The customer simply intended to purchase some landscaping fabric online and assumed that the item had somehow vanished in transit.

A few days later, though, he received a note at his door asking if he wanted to buy it back.

Even the brand name of the fabric was included in the letter, which all but proved that he had stolen the cargo and was attempting to make quick money off of it.

The fabric had been “delivered by accident,” according to the statement, and it was being offered for sale or trade.

The fabric’s original owner uploaded a photo of the note he got on Reddit.

It read: “Hi! I’m Sam, I live down the street.

“A few weeks ago, we got some landscaping fabric delivered to us by accident, we have one roll left if you are interested in buying it.

“We are selling it but if you wanted to trade something for it we could work something out.

“Text me if you’re interested.”

Obviously, it’s cheeky as anything and loads of people have been offering their own advice on what to do about it.

“[It’s] illegal to tamper with someone’s mail,” one person commented.

“I’d file a police report anyway. Don’t threaten, just do it,” said another.

“Say here’s the record number, you have three days to pay up or I will file in small claims court on this date.

“Have a good one smiley face.”

A third joked: “Rip it out of their yard, and then offer to sell it back to them.”

Yeah, two wrongs don’t make a right, after all.

We’ll have to wait and see if they take any action – hopefully they’ll keep sharing updates on Reddit.

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