Saw X Filmmakers Reveal How They Make And Test Jigsaw’s Torture Traps


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On the set of the torture-filled horror series Saw, safety comes first.

The tenth movie, Saw X, features Tobin Bell’s return as John Kramer, a.k.a. Jigsaw, and acts as both a prequel to Saw II (2005) and a direct sequel to Saw (2004).

The serial killer is ill and is frantically looking for medical help in Mexico. He learns about a potentially “miracle” treatment that requires a risky and experimental medical procedure, and soon realises that the entire operation is a deception meant to take advantage of the most helpless.

Fans will have to watch and see how the gory devices play into the storyline, but producer Anthony Stabley and director Kevin Greutert claimed everyone can connect to the character who ends up in one.

The eye tubes, which resemble the roman number for 10, are one trap that has previously been hinted.

Stabley exclusively told UNILAD: “We have a lot of traps, but that is one of my favourites because as artists you go through this moment, where you’re like, ‘Is this gonna work? Are we gonna make this happen?’ I just look at that trap and I go, ‘That’s really iconic’. It’s so different from the others, but it still has that Sawflavor. So I was really thrilled with that.”

Greutert added: “There’s something for us as Saw filmmakers that’s a little bit playful about it, because what we really wanted to do with that scene is say, ‘We’re back! This is Saw! and a lot of the technique that we use to film it is kind of an homage to what James Wan [director of the first Saw film] established back 20 years ago.”

The two other traps involve brain surgery and wires – we’ll let your imaginations run wild on what they entail. “They’re just all very intense,” Stabley teased.

“For us, it was just so great that we were able to achieve what we wanted,” Stabley continued. “We worked so many hours, so many tests and we wanted to make sure it was safe and it really worked out so I just feel like we’re just super pleased with everything.”

A lot of testing goes into the making the traps, to ensure they work. “We test all of these traps, like five, six times, each of them,” Stabley explained. “But then there’s this moment [when] we’re actually shooting and we’re watching the monitor. And we just get so excited because like, we’re able to accomplish that.

“It’s pretty horrific – if you just walked on set, you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, what’s going on with these people?”

There is a lot of artificial blood that goes along with the torture. In order to maintain the set tidy in between takes, the filmmakers had to devise a hack.

“We lay down linoleum and coated it with resin so basically it was like mopping away, and then as far as the traps themselves, we also coated them with resin,” Stabley revealed.

Greutert added: “You’d be amazed how challenging it is to have such a messy set!”

Saw X is actually Saw II and fans are already confused

How The Saw Movies Saved Over 360,000 People’s Lives

How did the Saw Movies help save people’s lives?

Saw has become one of the most iconic film series across the world, and not just within the horror scene, due to it’s compelling mysteries and torturous traps.


But did you know the series has even helped save people’s lives?

Credit: Saw Movie

Lionsgate’s Jigsaw had a tradition with every film which they called the annual blood drive. Throughout October, mobile blood drive stations popped up all over the country, and fans could donate their blood to hospitals in exchange for a free ticket to see the film.

To help promote the blood drive further, Lionsgate set up a campaign releasing posters featuring “nurses” who will be out helping to collect blood and who ‘needed’ the blood that fans were donating.

Credit: Saw Movie

Since the blood drive began in 2004 with the release of the first Saw movie, over 120,000 pints of blood have been given, saving over 360,000 lives.


It’s a brilliant way at showing how entertainment can be used as a way of encouraging people to participate in good causes and demonstrates the impact that big franchises like this can have.

Credit: Saw Movie

Saw X is set to release this September 29th and sees the return of Tobin Bell reprising his role of Jigsaw with the film taking place during the events of Saw 1 and 2.

Hoping for a miraculous cure, John Kramer travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure, only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, the infamous serial killer uses deranged and ingenious traps to turn the tables on the con artists

Why it’s currently not known if the blood drive will be happening this year as it has with the previous film releases it’s still a great achievement by the film studio and something they should be proud of as well as the films success and legacy!


Driver Miraculously Survived Car Crash That Looked Like Something Out Of Final Destination

If the Final Destination films taught us anything, it’s that death may happen in a variety of gruesome and unexpected ways.

And while many of them seem to only ever occur in the realm of movies, a vehicle accident across the pond appears to have broken through the fourth wall.

Back in 2019, a driver in Georgia survived a collision with a truck carrying a full load of long logs with only minor injuries, which is clearly nothing short of a miracle.

CNN claims that the man reached down in his car to grab something just before hitting the truck from behind.

According to Whitfield County Fire Chief Edward O’Brien, the driver was able to escape without suffering any significant injuries because dozens of logs – very oddly – made a hole just where his head was.

“It was as if it was almost created just for his head,” he said.

Firefighters were rushed to the scene to assist the driver in getting out of the vehicle, but before they could do that, they had to cut through 30 to 40 logs just to get to him.

It took workers around 15 minutes to safely remove him from the car when they had cleared all the logs that were in the way.

To be fair, if you’ve seen Final Destination 2, you’ll be aware that this particular incident wasn’t what ultimately led to the character’s demise.

She was in a car when it collided with a truck, and a piece of sharp PVC pipe pierced her seat.

Firefighters were attempting to remove the woman from the vehicle when they deployed the airbag, which forced her head back and caused her to impale herself on the pipe.

Fortunately for him, none of it occurred, and he now has a pretty spectacular tale to share in the pub.

In 2019, another driver in Australia experienced a similar near-accident when the vehicle she was in almost collided with a falling sign.

An enormous highway sign slipped loose and dropped directly onto a four-wheel drive below on the Tullamarine Motorway in Victoria, Australia. This astonishing footage was recorded on a dashcam at the scene.

The 53-year-old driver reportedly didn’t sustain any significant wounds, but you can bet that her heart took an incredible thumping of adrenaline.

She was admitted to the hospital as a precaution but was later released.

The police don’t believe wind was the cause of the sign being pushed over, and they are investigating the dashcam footage to see if it may shed any light on how the incident happened.

Other nearby signs have also been checked to make sure none are loose.

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