Grim Reality Of What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Belly Button


This has left people feeling extremely unwell!

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If given the chance, the human body is capable of manufacturing some pretty disgusting things.

However, despite how obviously repulsive it is, there seems to be a kind of morbid fascination with things that are just a little bit filthy.

Although it might seem that there is a delicate line between being nasty enough to pop zits and going too far by displaying a dissected body.

In his movies highlighting some of the fantastic and strange things that our bodies are capable of, Dr. Karan Raj continually hits that perfect balance between gross and fascinating. In his TikTok videos, he covers topics like why putting Q-tips in your ear feels so amazing (but don’t do it) and how to empty extra fluid from the abdomen.

The most recent one illustrates what may occur if an orifice that every individual possesses is not properly cleaned out. This particular orifice can accumulate debris if you don’t clean it out, which will obviously provide unappealing effects.

Of course, I’m referring to the belly button; what else?

According to Dr. Raj, if you don’t clean out your belly button, all kinds of debris, including oils, dead skin cells, fluff, and anything else nearby, can collect inside it.

He explained: “All flesh holes can build up with sweat, dead skin cells, oils, clothing fabric, bacteria and forbidden cheese.”

If you clean it frequently, most of the time this is acceptable. However, if you don’t, things can quickly mount up.

Dr Raj said: “If not washed out on a regular basis, this material can accumulate and harden into an omphalolith – a belly button stone.

“Belly button stones come in a wide array of colours, it’s usually black but can be a light brown.”

Things must have been neglected for a very, very long time for them to get so awful.

If you have a piercing near your belly button, maintaining good hygiene is even more crucial. Infections can develop in the area where the umbilical cord used to plug in as a result of improper cleanliness, and if you’re not careful, they can be rather unpleasant.

Infections can be avoided by often cleaning piercings with a saline solution that is intended for treating wounds.

Regular soap and water are probably sufficient to keep things clean for individuals with unpierced buttons. However, you should always see a doctor if things start to feel uncomfortable down there.

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American Woman Admits She’s Not Wiped Her Bum For Over Two Years

So what has she been doing…?

Everybody’s got their own quirky hygiene routines, but here’s a tale that takes personal habits to a whole new level. Brace yourselves because this American woman decided that wiping her behind was something she should STOP doing.

This story became an internet sensation when it was posted on the ‘TikTok Cringe’ thread on Reddit and and it’s the kind of thing that makes you question society…

In her video confession, the american lady boldly proclaimed, “So, I actually don’t wipe my bum.” Hold on to your toilet paper rolls, folks, because it’s about to get wild.

Credit: TikTok / @isatandstared

She went on to argue her case with the conviction of a lawyer defending the indefensible.

“When you think about it in nature, no other animal wipes after they use the restroom. So why do we do that?” Well, ma’am, because we’re not trying to land a role in the next National Geographic documentary.

She even pondered the possibility that not wiping might have some hidden health benefits. “I don’t really know what it is,” she mused, “But if God wanted us to wipe after we use the restroom, we would have a built-in way to do that into our anatomy, you know what I mean?” Uh, no, we really don’t.

@isatandstared Replying to @dazzalaycock #isatandstared #satire ♬ original sound – Kass Theaz

“So because we don’t,” she continued, “I personally believe that wiping after using the restroom is not good for your health.” At this point, you might want to check if you’re still in the same dimension as the rest of us.

The pinnacle of her revelation came when she proudly declared, “I started using the litter box instead of a toilet.”

Yes, you read that correctly. She’s basically trying to pass herself off as a house cat with opposable thumbs. Talk about a feline fancy.

Credit: Getty Images

But wait, there’s more. She claimed her newfound lifestyle had boosted her immune system. “Now I know correlation is not causation, but, you know, I feel like my immune system has like been built up since I stopped wiping,” she concluded, “And it’s probably because I’m not exposing myself to those chemicals.” Quick, someone fetch the scientists!

Naturally, this video, went viral and people in the comments did you hold back. Users from all corners of the internet chimed in with their thoughts. One person pointed out the obvious, saying, “No other animal uses forks and spoons either lol.”

Credit: Getty Images

Another wise soul added, “Unlike a dog, I can’t lick my own a**.”

Another user commented “Then don’t use tissues to blow your nose, towels to dry yourself after a shower, soap to sanitize your hands, or better yet…no clothes to use all day during all seasons because….animals don’t use them! Possibilities are endless for you!” Bravo to that person for connecting the dots.

But one Reddit user offered the profound thought: “BORN TO SH*T, FORCED TO WIPE.”

Well, ain’t that the truth? Each to their own but we think we’ll stick to using toilet paper!

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