Woman Who Eats Toilet Paper Every Day Says It’s The Perfect Snack


cigarettes, booze, casinos, and chocolate. When one thinks of addiction, these are the first things that come to mind. However, one woman has been making headlines throughout the world for her relatively unknown obsession: chewing toilet paper.

The woman behind the headlines is Kinah Moore, who has acknowledged consuming up to two entire toilet rolls virtually every day. Occasionally eating up to four.

The woman explained how much paper she uses during her appearance on This Morning on Monday. She said: “I get my thousand sheets and sometimes I glance up and I’ll be two or three rolls in and that’s from eight in the morning until seven in the evening and I’m just chewing. It is quite addictive at times.

Kinah also revealed that she suffers from Pica, an eating problem that causes sufferers to consume things like plastic, paper, soap, and other non-nutritional items.

“It began when I was about eight years old. It started off with things like baking soda or like baking powder and then one day, I don’t know what possessed me to try toilet paper, but I tried toilet paper, and it was just my thing. I just knew it was my thing.

“There was something about the texture. You know like, the baking soda dissolved too fast, baking powder was too fizzy, and the toilet paper’s just like… it sticks. I don’t know. I can’t explain it. It just stuck with me.”

Kinah continued: “I believe it was a craving because I used to crave a bunch of different things. My great grandmother actually used to eat flour. So… I dunno. It was just a craving that I had and everything else dissolved too fast but the toilet paper was like, the cotton candy that doesn’t melt. It was like perfect.”

Kinah added that her sister and her mother both enjoy eating peculiar ‘foods(?)’ however she has it ‘worst’. She also claimed there have been no negative effects to her health and urged people to ‘try it’ reinforcing that ‘it does taste really good’. Hmmm.

While Kinah insists that her health is in good condition, This Morning’s Doctor Sara urged viewers not to feast on toilet paper saying that the condition which Kinah has, Pica, can be harmful and toxic.

Doctor Sara said: “In terms of toilet paper and paper, that’s known as xylophagia, and the problem with toilet paper is that it’s not easily digested by our bodies and can cause blockages in our digestive tracts, it can lead to stomach pains, blood in your stool, vomiting, constipation, and in severe cases it can even require surgical intervention.”

Despite Dr Sara’s pretty intense warning, the hosts then went back to Kinah saying that she looks like she is ‘glowing’.

In case you were still wondering: do not eat toilet paper.