Bermuda Triangle Cruise Offers All Guests Full Refund If Ship Disappears


Tourists who have reserved a trip to the Bermuda Triangle are being assured that they would receive a complete refund in the event that the ship disappears.

On the two-day voyage of a lifetime on the Norwegian Prima liner, which departs from New York to Bermuda in March, passengers are paying up to £1,450 for a cabin.

Additionally, the cruise line has pledged to give customers a full refund if the massive ship disappears in the triangle where hundreds of boats and planes are alleged to have vanished in a playful offer that alludes to the hotspot’s enigmatic past.

On its website, it says “On this Bermuda Triangle excursion, don’t be concerned about going missing. In the unlikely event that you do not enjoy the excursion, your money will be returned “appear.”

The tour, which is well-liked by conspiracy theorists, includes speeches and Q&As with a number of guest speakers, including author Nick Redfern and former UK Ministry of Defence employee Nick Pope. It also includes a twilight Bermuda Triangle ride on a glass-bottom boat.

Between 1991 and 1994, Pope served with the MoD’s Airstaff 2a, also known as the “UFO desk.” Jim Harold, Micah Hanks, and Peter Robbins are a few more speakers.

The Bermuda Triangle riddle, according to Australian physicist Karl Kruszelnicki, a fellow at Sydney University, has allegedly been solved.

In 2017, he stated that there are no paranormal forces at work and that human error and bad weather are to blame for the disappearance of planes and boats.

Between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, the North Atlantic region, which spans 700,000 kilometres of ocean, is where several ships and planes are said to have disappeared over time.

According to Kruszelnicki’s theory, disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are not all that uncommon because it is a busy part of the ocean and is close to the US.

In 2017, Kruszelnicki told “There is a lot of traffic because it is close to the equator and a wealthy region of the world—America.

The number of people that go missing in the Bermuda Triangle, on a percentage basis, is the same as it is everywhere else in the globe, according to Lloyd’s of London and the US Coastguard.

Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Southampton arrived to the conclusion that ‘rogue waves’ up to 100 feet high were to blame for the disappearing ships and planes in 2018.

The team created a model of the USS Cyclops for a Channel 5 documentary titled The Bermuda Triangle Enigma. This ship vanished in 1918 while en route from Bahia, Salvador, to Baltimore.

The 542-foot ship’s wreckage was never discovered after its enigmatic disappearance, and neither were the 306 passengers or crew members.

Due to its flat base and immense size, the model was quickly overwhelmed by the water surges when the scientists recreated the enormous waves.