Woman Who Died For 27 Minutes Writed Chilling Message About The Afterlife


Get ready for a story about life and death!

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It’s a story that blurs the line between life and the afterlife, and it all begins with a cryptic message: “It’s real.”

Picture this: a seemingly ordinary day in Phoenix, Arizona, takes a surreal turn as Tina Hines, a mother of four, collapses while preparing to go out with her husband, Brian. What follows is nothing short of miraculous and utterly captivating.

Tina’s heart stopped beating for a staggering 27 minutes, during which dedicated medical professionals refused to give up on her. They resuscitated her not once, not twice, but a staggering six times. Her journey into the unknown was just beginning.

Credit: madiejohnson / Instagram

As Tina was brought back to life for the last time, she did something that left everyone around her spellbound. Wordless, she urgently signaled for a pen and paper. What could she possibly want to communicate after such a harrowing experience?

With trembling hands, Tina sketched a series of seemingly enigmatic lines. But as curious onlookers examined her creation more closely, a message emerged from the chaos: “It’s real.” Those three words held the key to her otherworldly experience.

Credit: madiejohnson / Instagram

Tina wasn’t referring to a mundane reality; she was talking about a realm far beyond our comprehension—Heaven. In the aftermath of her near-death experience following a heart attack in February the previous year, Tina claimed to have glimpsed the heaven.

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When her family, overwhelmed with concern, asked her to clarify her cryptic message, Tina remained mute but turned her gaze heavenward. She was trying to convey what words couldn’t express— she had experienced the world beyond death.

Credit: madiejohnson / Instagram

In her astonishing account, Tina described seeing a luminous figure of Jesus standing before the pearly gates, bathed in an otherworldly radiance. “It was so real,” she recounted, her voice touched with awe. “The colors were so vibrant.”

But Tina’s story doesn’t end there. Last week, her loving niece, Madie, etched a permanent reminder of this incredible experience onto her skin in the form of a tattoo, immortalizing the mystical message forever.

Credit: madiejohnson / Instagram

Madie, hailing from California, took to Instagram to share her thoughts: “Her story is too real not to share and has given me a stronger confidence in a faith that so often goes unseen. It has given me a tangibleness to an eternal hope that is not too far away. I love you, Tina Hines! The way you boldly love Jesus and others has changed the way I hope to live and love.”

This tale of Tina Hines is a testament to the inexplicable mysteries of life, death, and beyond. It challenges our understanding of what lies on the other side and reaffirms the power of faith and hope in the face of the unknown.

Recent studies have shown that up to one in five cardiac arrest survivors report near-death experiences. Scientists speculate that a burst of brain activity often follows a sudden heart attack, shedding light on these profound encounters.

Was she experiencing this or did she really enter the world beyond death and come back to earth to tell her tale?

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