Woman Explains Why You Should Always Cross Your Arms While Going Down A Waterslide


Have you ever wandered why you have to cross your arms?

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If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you’ve engaged in the pleasurable activity of sliding down a waterslide at least once in your life.

To the uninformed, it resembles falling down a long, squiggly tube and landing in a pool, but it is far more enjoyable than I just described.

Before going down, you must agree to a number of safety regulations, and there is frequently someone waiting at the top to instruct you to cross your arms as you descend.

Anyone who has been on a waterslide before will be aware that crossing your arms over oneself like an Egyptian mummy will increase your speed, but a woman has revealed why it’s so crucial.

According to Elyse Meyers, when she visited a waterpark for the first time, she chose to ride the huge slides because her bigger brothers were doing it and she wanted to prove that she could do it, too.

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“Sit down, cross your legs, hold any contraband items in your hand, cross your arms over your chest and do not uncross your limbs at any point in the ride until you’re completely done sliding,” were the instructions waterpark staff were telling everyone when she got to the top.

She was left wondering if anything had ever gone horribly wrong enough to require these precautions, but she quickly learned why.

She doesn’t lose an arm or anything, so don’t be alarmed.


Instead, she found that she was genuinely enjoying herself on the waterslide, but when she reached the bottom, she spotted a familiar face and uncrossed her arms to wave to them.

Elyse soon discovered why you should keep your arms and legs crossed when speeding down a plastic tube at high speeds into a pool of water, and this turned out to be a mistake.

She said: “The force with which you are meeting a still body of water, it’s explosive, and when your body is not properly tucked that water only has a few places it can go.

“So follow the directions all the way.”

Crossing your arms makes you move faster and land more gracefully in the splash pool because it prevents your arms from catching on anything and getting hurt.

Give the stand-up waterslide a try if speed and excitement aren’t your thing when it comes to slides.

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Turn Your Stairs Into A Slide With This Genius Fold Away Mat

A unique innovative device transforms stairs into an indoor slide, eliminating the need for pillow coverings and sleeping bags, which are normally used by children.

The SlideRider, which is still in prototype form, is made up of several foldable mats that can be set over angular steps to create a smooth surface.

The final pad is cushioned for a smooth landing, and there are foldout’safety rails’ to keep kids from stumbling into the bannisters.

Trisha Cleveland of Minneapolis, Minnesota, came up with the idea for SlideRider.

She uploaded her concept to Quirky.com, a website that helps people bring their ideas to reality, and is currently waiting to hear back from developers.

She says the slide is ‘perfect for rainy days’ and can also be used ‘outside on hills.’

When the kids are done playing with it, the SlideRider folds up into a small package.

Ms Cleveland estimates that if Quirky.com decides to construct her design, it will cost between $45 and $95.

Ms Cleveland has got a flood of enthusiastic feedback after releasing SlideRider on Quirky.com last month.

Many adults have expressed interest in purchasing one for themselves, let alone for their children.

One mother wrote: ‘I want this so bad. not just for my son but for me. Let’s make this happen, I would buy it.’

Another added: ‘I cannot wait for this to become available for purchase!

Ms Cleveland, who works full-time as a digital analyst for BestBuy, asked for the public’s opinion when designing her product by getting them to vote on features including the name and color.

She concluded: ‘Wow. Go SlideRider! Thanks everyone of you who are enthused as much as I am about my invention.

‘I am amazed at all [the] comments showing much enthusiasm.’

We totally agree! We cannot wait for this genius prototype to be released and get our hands on it!

Did you know there’s also a bath that you can just fold away suitable for ANY space!