You Can Now Bathe In Any Room With This Portable Tub


Yes, you can buy a bathtub that can be folded and stored in a drawer – and we kind of want one

Baths are becoming less common in contemporary house designs and smaller flats because room is at a premium in our current world of squeezed for time and space.

But there’s nothing like a lengthy soak in the tub every now and again – and happily, someone has thought of a foldable bathtub so you can enjoy bath time bubbles wherever you choose.

The clever design allows folks who just have a shower to quickly create a pleasant bath in a tiny space and enjoy some rejuvenating me time.

The tubs are especially ideal for children who enjoy splashing around or who are scared of showers.

During the summer, these can also be utilised as a tiny plunge pool in the garden!

These tubs are easy to fold away after use and you can even store it in a drawer – or under the bed, or in a cupboard.  The high quality, thick yet soft material comes in three patterns, and the longer shape of this bath allows for a more traditional bathing style. The manufacturers even suggest this is so portable you can bring it on trips away – so you could enjoy a bath while camping or staycationing. They start from $90 on amazon. You can also find them on other sites like Manomano and Ali Express.

Whether you are tight on space, a daily shower kind of person or looking for a bath for trips away then this is PERFECT!

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