Why You Should Never Fall Asleep In Class


We’ve all felt our eyes begin to close and hoped no-one would notice when trying to listen to an important speech at school. Okay, maybe I’ve never slept in public in *quite* this much of a ridiculous position, but the way this girl’s friends secretly snapped a photo and edited her into just about every situation has convinced me to be careful. Seriously, take a look…

  1. The classic elbow drop

Well that’s one way to win your wrestling match.

  1. Being swept off your feet on a golden beach

Doesn’t look quite as romantic as I’d imagined.

  1. Dancing with Drake

I must say, her Hotline Bling moves are kinda showing him up.

  1. Chilling in a hammock

Snoozing with a pineapple under your arm looks surprisingly comfy here.

  1. Dodging Pokeballs left, right and centre

She’s putting the snore in Snorlax, with all the swagger of an ultra-rare Pokemon.

  1. Entering the dance battle in style

If your opponent busts out this move, you should be very afraid.

  1. Passed out in the party

One too many drinks has got her looking a little worse for wear.

  1. Swinging in the trees

You know you’re skilled when you give an orangutan a run for its money.

  1. Freestyling in yoga class

She may not be following the instructor, but that’s okay – she’s embodied the free-spirit essence of yoga.

  1.  When your luggage is taking way too long

You can’t blame her for getting bored of looking for her red suitcase – she thought it would stand out a bit more.

  1. Getting a little too close to the high jump bar

I’m no expert, but I don’t think she’s breaking any world records there.

  1.  Having a boogie with John Travolta

I always did think Uma Thurman was a little overrated in Pulp Fiction – now they’ve found the perfect replacement.

  1.  The ultimate synchronised diving duo

It doesn’t get any more in-sync than this. Before you ask, we don’t know why the water’s green either.

  1.  Becoming an ancient masterpiece

The Thinker, alongside his sister The Dreamer.

  1.  Rubberlegz’s toughest competition yet

That can’t be comfy.

  1.  Embracing the awkward Family Guy fall

Honestly, she fits right in.

  1.  Busting out the breakdance moves

This looks so smooth that if I saw it with no context, I probably wouldn’t even notice she was photoshopped.

  1.  Getting carried to safety

 Are you sure she wasn’t secretly awake in this one?

  1.  Back in the good old days

I’m ashamed at how long it took me to find her in this picture.

  1.  Busting out the “hee hee”

Annie, are you okay?

  1.  Conquering hurdles in an all new way

Don’t even ask how she ended up going backwards.

  1.  Enjoying the throne

She sure does look happy to be in power.

  1.  Flamingo camouflage

Nice to see she’s dressed up for the occasion.

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