‘Time Traveller’ From 2671 Warns ‘Big Things’ Will Take Place On 4 Dates In December


Four dates in December will see “huge happenings,” according to a “time traveller” from the year 2671.

The mysterious @theradianttimetraveler TikToker routinely posts strange prognostications for the future on the social media network.

They have previously stated that they can take eight individuals into the future with them within the next six months.

Additionally, they assert that San Francisco will experience a major sinkhole opening up the next year that will serve as a portal to the year 25,000 BC.

Many more “portals” will start to open around this time, some of which will lead into the future.

This was referred to as the “worst natural calamity.”

If any one of these forecasts comes to pass, December 2022 will be a significant month for everyone.

In their latest upload, they alleged: “Yes, I am a real-time traveller, remember these four dates in December 2022.”

The 20-second clip has dramatic music and especially mentions December 8, 12, and 25 as important dates.

It appears that “The Release” will likewise occur on December 20. It isn’t explicitly stated what this means, though.

In the clip, the ‘time traveller’ said: “Very big things will happen on each of these dates.

“This will 100% prove that I am a real-time traveller.”

Additionally, they issued a “keep safe” warning.

Commenters have responded to the “time traveler’s” forecast with scepticism, with many making fun of them and reminding them of their prior incorrect predictions.

One viewer said: “Yeah right, I still remember the four dates to remember in November. Lol.”

Another added: “You said 10 people will receive superpowers on November 14, 2022, that didn’t happen.”

“If you are a real-time traveller, why not just tell us exactly what’s gonna happen?” someone else asked.

Who will win the World Cup?”

They alleged: “On January 13, 2023, someone who is exploring deep, underground caves finds a giant hatch.

“This hatch leads to another world known as ‘Azawa’ where everything is new – species, liquids, air etc.

“The ‘humans’ of Azawa are very hostile and have been causing many problems such as 9/11 and others.”

Featured Image: Credit: Alamy