This Hilarious Mum Is Going Viral


With nearly a million followers on TikTok, Serena Terry’s voice-overs of her children’s behaviour are relatable and hilarious.

Terry has just signed a book deal with Harper Collins and has a total of 851.4K followers on TikTok but that’s not all. During lockdown, her viral videos allowed her to set up a digital marketing agency called CatchyCo. Yes, this mum is on fire!

With the handle Mammy Banter, Terry wanted to bring some positivity to people at a time where that was lacking, as she told The Belfast Telegraph:

“The past year has been such a whirlwind. During the first lockdown, social media was so full of sadness, fear, tragedy and fake news that I turned off Instagram and Facebook.

“Like everyone, I was struggling a bit and I went onto TikTok one night to see what it was about and immediately I realised I had found my tribe.

Sharing first-person videos whilst wearing your sweatpants is a new thing that started during lockdown. It is not only acceptable but also more relatable that Terry doesn’t wear makeup and hair. Everyone loves it that she is a real woman who is a mum and who can laugh about her daily struggles. TikTok has allowed her to do that:

“It was a platform with a difference. It was real life stuff, nothing was airbrushed and it was fun. I fell in love with it straight away.

“I started with voiceover videos and then I realised I could do my own accent and make it more relatable.

“I posted five or six and then one went viral. I was getting messages from America and Australia and all round the world and the viewings just kept going up and up and up.

“I think I had 10,000 likes in 12 hours and then 100,000 overnight and now I have 740,000 people following me on TikTok, 157,000 on Instagram and 230,000 on Facebook. It is just crazy!

“Mindsets have changed because of what we have all been through in the past 18 months.

“People are so tired of the perfect life being promoted on platforms like Instagram.

“TikTok has changed that. On TikTok, you see real people just as they are without the airbrushing.

“People no longer want to see the flawless 6ft model but are looking for Janice next door who is real to them.”

It’s really nice to see a mum who doesn’t try to be perfect. Terry is relatable and real, the kind of content we are ever so desperate to see online.

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