The Most Memorable UK Christmas Ads of 2021


The whole of 2021 has been a whirlwind so far, and it feels like there hasn’t been time to stop and relax. If you haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch all the big brand Christmas ads yet, we’ve compiled them all in one place for your convenience.


If only supermarket trips were really this entertaining! Skating around Asda to the tune of Torvill and Dean’s Bolero, this family is living the dream. Asda’s Christmas ad goes on to highlight all the little moments we missed last year, and should be grateful for now, such as the school nativity and office Christmas party. They remind us that Christmas is not just about the big day, but “all the little days in-between” which deserve appreciation too.


A personal favourite, Aldi’s new Xmas advert expands the Kevin The Carrot universe, and we’re obsessed. Meet Ebanana, the grouchy fruit who goes on a journey through Christmas past, present and future. It all sounds familiar, but who cares if you’ve heard this story before – we want a remake of all Christmas movies with these adorable fruit and veg characters. Marcus Radishford included.


Cute mascots are always a winner when it comes to Christmas adverts – especially when that mascot happens to be Percy Pig. Percy finally comes to life this year, exploring the food department of M&S to find all the tastiest treats with a bit of help from a Fairy Godmother ornament. Did we mention these characters are voiced by Tom Holland and Dawn French? Instant win for M&S. Just as long as Percy doesn’t find the Pigs in Blankets… 


Who ever thought we’d get proof that Santa isn’t an anti-vaxxer? Well according to Tesco, he’s got his Covid Pass and he’s ready to go. This ad is all about Christmas being unstoppable this year, and enjoying all the chaotic, crazy fun that we deserve after the difficulties of the past few years. Can someone please show this advert to the government when they suggest another lockdown?


Father Christmas? Sorry, I only know Farmer Christmas. This ad shows us that the guy behind all the magic isn’t the jolly character in the red suit that we usually think of, but actually a west country farmer with a flying plough and magic lorry-reindeers who work to deliver Christmas feasts. A slightly more realistic approach to Christmas, but we like it.

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