‘Spectacular’ Display Caused After Car Crashes Into Lorry Carrying Over £80,000 Worth Of Fireworks


This is just insane!

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A car incident involving fireworks costing around £80,000 last week let off one of the most amazing firework displays ever witnessed.

On Thursday, October 26, at around midnight, an automobile crashed into a truck pulling a trailer loaded with fireworks.

According to CBC, there was a car crash on the Trans-Canada highway at around 10 p.m. local time, which resulted in an hour-long fireworks display.

Drivers were treated to an amazing display of sound and light above the roadway, but the route remained blocked until the explosions stopped.

Fortunately, the drivers of both cars managed to escape the light show with little damage.

One person was transported to the hospital for minor injuries during the one-hour explosion, but no one was critically hurt.

The fireworks display that was set off by the automobile incident was breathtaking, even though some people may not have enjoyed the delays to their travel.

Driver Ryan Kuhn told CBC that the automobile crash was “the best fireworks show I’ll ever see,” but police described the aftermath as “quite the display to passerby motorists.”

Driving around a bend, he added, he saw ‘a raging inferno of fireworks’ that was causing ‘mayhem’ with the burning trailer full of rockets flying off.

Many of the motorists who were stranded on the road captured the amazing scene on camera and shared the results for everyone to see on social media.

With a nearly constant flurry of fireworks shooting out of the burning trailer for everyone to witness, the results were simply amazing.

Any fireworks show you’ve ever seen, no matter how good, pales in contrast to this one. Nothing else could compare to the constant onslaught of bright lights and booms.

However, you have to feel bad for the pickup truck driver who has to explain what happened to the trailer-load of fireworks they were delivering, as someone was probably expected to pick them up at the other end of the trip.

The driver must have quite a story to tell, and if they run out of things to say, there are plenty of films that demonstrate that they actually did lose all of their stock in an extremely unfortunate auto accident.

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