My First Vape Toy


Well, brace yourselves, you cheeky Junkies, because there’s a rather, shall we say, ‘disturbing toy’ making waves, and it goes by the name ‘My First Vape’! Yes, you read that correctly, and before you start frantically Googling where to acquire this, ahem, ‘interesting’ contraption, allow me to clarify: it’s as real as a unicorn giving high tea to the Loch Ness Monster. But who needs reality when we’ve got playful creativity to keep us entertained, right? So, let’s dive headfirst into this delightful madness!

Imagine, if you will, ‘My First Vape,’ a toy that’s making the rounds online. It’s the kind of idea that’s about as believable as claiming the Loch Ness Monster runs a tea shop in Scotland. But fear not, dear chums, because this toy is as mythical as a dragon with a penchant for crumpets! Instead, it’s the brainchild of a bloke named Adam Padilla, who runs a branding agency called BrandFire over in the States.

Now, why’s everyone getting their knickers in a twist, you ask? Well, Adam’s a real jack-of-all-trades – he’s a wordsmith, an artist, and a Photoshop whiz. He’s also got a knack for creating content that could make the Queen herself crack a smile. And would you believe it, he’s a vaper too! He’s not afraid to let his vaping flag fly high and proud, firmly believing it’s a bit of a lifesaver.

But hold onto your brollies, because here’s where it gets more twisted than a double helix: Some folks out there reckon this vaping creation is part of an elaborate scheme to make vaping look about as appealing as a rainy day at the seaside. Why, you ask? Well, it turns out that Pfizer, the lot responsible for that quit-smoking concoction known as Champix, was once on Adam’s client list. Goodness gracious! But before we start concocting conspiracy theories like Sherlock Holmes on a sugar rush, Adam’s here to set us straight, and he’s having a proper giggle.

In his typically witty style, Adam dismisses the notion that Big Pharma is all about pushing boundaries and living on the edge. He reckons they’re more interested in keeping things as bland as a plate of overcooked spaghetti. So, is this the handiwork of a secret vaping vigilante? According to Adam, you’ve got a better chance of finding a unicorn sunbathing in Hyde Park. He points to his sprawling collection of creative gems, which has more layers than a Russian nesting doll, and asks us to ponder whether this is the work of a creative enthusiast poking fun at the peculiarities of pop culture. The plot thickens like custard!

But let’s not forget, this isn’t Adam’s first rodeo when it comes to internet-induced mayhem. His previous creation, ‘The Happy Hour Playset,’ featuring pint-sized toddlers having a grand old time at a make-believe pub, had the media in a tizzy. Some folks just can’t resist taking things as seriously as a butler at a royal ball.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s important to remember that whether you find ‘My First Vape’ belly-achingly funny or about as thrilling as watching paint dry, it’s got everyone blathering! In a world that’s more uptight than a teapot during high tea, a playful creation has managed to bring us all together in a good-natured guffaw. So, whether you’re a vaping virtuoso or couldn’t tell a vape from a teacake, let’s raise a glass to the power of laughter, because, let’s face it, we could all use a little more of it, innit?

Could Depp be making his return to Disney?

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A live-action adaptation of one of Disney’s most well-known animated movies is currently in production, and Johnny Depp, aka Captain Jack Sparrow, is rumoured to play the title character.

Later this year, Disney’s most well-known Halloween-themed movie will commemorate 30 years since it first opened in theatres…where did the time go we don’t know?!

Credit: Jbunzie / YouTube

Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas wasn’t initially a movie the famous House of Mouse wanted to make; instead, it was motivated by a poem that producer Tim Burton wrote while working as a Disney animator.

Even though the movie’s first theatrical run only brought in $50 million, repeated screenings over the years brought in a total of more than $40 million extra. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas wasn’t a hit, but it wasn’t a flop either, and in the 30 years since its release, it has continued to draw new admirers and even developed some cult status. 

Credit: Getty Images

People love combining the elements of Halloween and Christmas and Jack and his Halloween town friends have become a worldwide brand that is loved by many from bags, to clothing, home accessories and even snow globes!

A live-action remake is allegedly in the works, and it has the potential to draw both new and old fans—particularly those who might find the new live-action version more intriguing than the original, given that Johnny Depp is rumoured to be playing the lead role.

Watch a Fan made video here:

Depp has been in the public eye over the recent years due to his divorce to ex wife Amber Heard, his standing ovation at Cannes film festival and for playing as part of the band ‘Hollywood Vampire’ opposite Alice Cooper and his last role in Disney as Captain Jack in the last Pirates of the Caribbean.

This movie would be a return to Disney and a fanbase that have loved his work over the years combining it with the fandom that lives for ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’! Could Christmas and Halloween come earlier than we think?!