Mum Names Her Child Alpha Mael Armstrong Because It Was The ‘Manliest’ Name She Could Think Of


Now that’s some name for her child!

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A lady is receiving harsh internet criticism for giving her son a bizarre and masculine name.

One mother revealed her son’s identity in a Facebook post, which sparked an internet frenzy.

“Alpha Mael Armstrong,” she wrote, using the spelling that signifies a prince or chief.

“And my mum absolutely hates it.”

Well, can we blame her?

According to KidSpot, the mother’s inspiration came after she searched for the “manliest” name imaginable.

She is, however, adamant that the name is no laughing matter.

Defensively, she continues: “Not silly at all though. Different but not silly. Conveys a lot.”

However, others begged to differ.

One user wrote: “The kid will be bullied so viciously that I’m surprised they’d ever strap that on their child.”

Another said: “Oh God. I’d seriously PAY my child hundreds to name their kids anything BUT that.”

While another said: “This makes me want to scream wtf.”

Others claim that this is among the most ridiculous attempts to cling to any trace of toxic masculinity.

Speaking of, a recent study discovered that men are less inclined to become vegetarians or vegans due to the perception of weakness they may experience.

Yes, that’s right.

4,897 Australian men and women were subjected to an investigation by researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) into their attitudes towards meat intake and self-rated genders.

According to the study, approximately 75 percent of the male respondents would rather lose ten years of their lives than stop eating meat.

“Our findings support previous research suggesting that it is not simply being male that leads to greater meat consumption behaviours,” the ANU study authors said.

“Instead, self-identified levels of masculinity may explain apparent gender differences, with more masculine men more resistant to reducing their meat intake.

“Interestingly, we also found some evidence that women’s femininity was similarly (and often, just as strongly) associated with meat-related attitudes as men’s masculinity.

“Thus, self-rated gender typicality can help us understand the gendered nature of meat consumption and low prevalence of veganism in Australia.”

Maybe if there was an Alpha Mael to begin with, they’d feel safer. Or, you know, if they immediately entered counselling.

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‘Upset’ Vegans Confront Their Neighbour With Pleading Note About Cooking Smells

A Vegan family were not happy with their neighbour!

A very unhappy and ‘Upset’ vegan addressed their neighbour over their cooking of food in a pleading hand written note.

Your daily life may be greatly affected by how well you get along with your neighbours and in this story…that doesn’t seem like a good relationship.

Some people rely on someone to take care of your house while you’re gone, take in a package if you’re away or even water your garden.

Credit: Hey Perth on Facebook

However, if you don’t get along with them, it might result in some awkward circumstances just like this!

An upset Australian family asked their neighbours to cover their window while they were grilling meat in a handwritten note.

‘Please take seriously’ was written across the envelope that contained the request.

The letter inside read:

Hello neighbour, could you please shut your side window when cooking please. My family are vegan (we eat only plant-based foods) and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset. We would appreciate your understanding. Thanks, Sarah, Wayne and kids.

Despite the family’s best intentions, it appears that their neighbour didn’t take it as seriously as they would have liked because it has since gone viral on the Hey Perth Facebook page.

Over 1000 individuals have commented on the page, and the letter’s substance has split them.

Credit: Hey Perth on Facebook

Some believe the family went too far with the message and that it wasn’t necessary.

A follow-up letter, in which the family is obviously outraged that their neighbour published their message, has been posted on the Hey Perth Facebook page.

The letter begin ‘You have taken the mickey out of me and have been downright rude’ and continues to explain how they were only raising their concern as their neighbour had a barbecue with lots of guests. Sadly the letter ended with the family threatening to message the authorities.

Suppose everybody needs good neighbours…

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