Labyrinth 2 – Everything We Know So Far


The sequel is in the works!

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It’s time to dive into the wild and wacky world of Labyrinth 2, where magic meets mayhem at the hands of the Goblin King!

In the mystical land of sequels, Director Scott Derrickson just cast a spell of curiosity on all us Labyrinth lovers. You remember Labyrinth, right?

That fantastic flick from 1986 that brought us the enchanting concoction of Jim Henson, George Lucas, and the Monty Python genius himself, Terry Jones. Oh, and let’s not forget the one and only David Bowie, who rocked our socks as the Goblin King Jareth.

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But wait, let’s take a step back down the labyrinthine memory lane. Remember Sarah, the fantasy-loving teen played by Jennifer Connelly? She accidentally wished away her baby stepbrother, Toby, to the Goblin King’s realm. Oops! Talk about sibling rivalry gone magical.

Now, fast forward to 2023, just over three years since Derrickson hopped on board to direct the sequel we’ve all been waiting for. But hold onto your crystal balls, because there’s a twist in this tale. Derrickson recently spilled the enchanted beans to, and it’s a mix of excitement and disappointment.

Credit: Labyrinth

Apparently, the script for Labyrinth 2 has been playing hide-and-seek with the studio’s vision, and they just can’t seem to agree on the rules of the game. Derrickson, though, he’s a trooper, and he’s proud of the mystical work they’ve done so far.

But here’s the problem – turning this whimsical wonderland into a commercially viable masterpiece isn’t a stroll in the Goblin Kingdom park. It’s imaginative, surreal, and as expensive as a potion brewed with unicorn tears. And, to top it off, it’s as daring and different as a two-headed goblin.

So, what does Derrickson have to say about this conundrum?
I don’t know what’s happening with that. We never got the script all the way to a place where the studio wanted to make it, but I was very proud of the work that we did on it. And it’s a hard, hard project to turn into something commercially viable, because it’s so imaginative and surreal that there’s no way that it can be done cheaply. And at the same time, it’s so daring and different that it is a tough movie for a studio to feel competent that it has enough commercial value to earn a profit. So I think that it’s a tough nut to crack, but all I can tell you is I’m very proud of the work that we did on it. We certainly had a great film in mind.”

One problem with the sequel will be the loss of David Bowie who was pivotal to the original. Although the film failed to win big at the box office when it was first released the film became a cult classic and fans new and familiar with Bowie’s work loved the movie. So who could replace him in a sequel? Or could it be a reimagining of the Jareth? Well it seems Twitter has the answer!

User @timewrp noticed the similarities between the Goblin King and singer Adam Lambert and now we can’t unsee it! We think he would make the perfect Goblin King and he can certainly sing…it seems a perfect match and these pictures are helping us imagine him in the role!

In other words, it’s a labyrinthine puzzle that even Jareth himself would find challenging. But hey, chin up, Labyrinth fans! The journey might be as twisty as a Labyrinth’s maze, but one thing’s for sure – we’re all eagerly awaiting the magical day when Labyrinth 2 finally dances its way into our hearts.

Home Alone Sequel Starring Macaulay Culkin Is In The Works

Looks like Macaulay Culkin could be back as Kevin!

Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are two of the most legendary Christmas films, which resulted in several lacklustre sequels, primarily due to the absence of Macaulay Culkin who gave his all in the role of Kevin.

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Credit: Home Alone

However, according to the movie website GiantFreakingRobotThe most recent Home Alone installment was Home Sweet Home Alone, the sixth film in the franchise and starring Archie Yates as Max Mercer. Max protects his home in the same booby-trapped fashion, but the whole thing is a mistake. and their reliable sources, Macaulay Culkin is slated to return for a new Home Alone film for Disney+.

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Now as a fully grown adult we assume that that Culkin’s character will not be the one laying traps this time, but he is returning to his finest franchise.

Credit: Home Alone 2

The most recent Home Alone installment was Home Sweet Home Alone, the sixth film in the franchise and starring Archie Yates as Max Mercer. Max protects his home in the same booby-trapped fashion, but the whole thing is a mistake.

You Can Now Stay In The Grinch’s Cave And Be Transported To Whoville

The world does introduce some older characters, such as Devin Raytray as Officer Buzz McCallister, and even reveals that Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin operates a security firm which makes sense after battling against two burglars in both movies!

Watch the Home Alone Trailer Below:

Joe Pesci, who portrayed one of the original films’ wet bandits, stated a few months ago that he would be prepared to return to the Home Alone world, and he has also been increasing his acting roles recently.

Macaulay Culkin’s return to Home Alone would be the best Christmas present we could ask for this year and we just hope that these rumours are true and we hear about a confirmation date soon!

Until then you bet we’ll be watching both Home Alone movies this Christmas and every Christmas after that!

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21 Actors From The Harry Potter Films Who Are No Longer With Us

So many great actors from the series are no longer with us

Calling all fellow wizards and witches, it’s time to raise our wands and remember the magical stars who’ve left us from the Harry Potter universe. Since the very first Harry Potter movie graced our screens in 2001 with “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” we’ve laughed, cried, and cheered alongside a fantastic cast of characters. But, my friends, the bittersweet truth is that not all of them are still with us.

Credit: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

We’ve had to bid farewell to 21 talented actors who brought the wizarding world to life. From the mighty Professor Snape, played by the unforgettable Alan Rickman, to the wise Professor Dumbledore portrayed by the legendary Richard Harris. Even the gentle giant Hagrid, portrayed by Robbie Coltrane, has ventured into the great beyond.

But it’s not just the headlining heroes who have left us. The magic of Harry Potter extends to the supporting cast as well. Elizabeth Spriggs, who played the enchanting Fat Lady guarding Gryffindor Tower, and Verne Troyer, our beloved Griphook, have also passed away.

1) Richard Harris – Albus Dumbledore

Prior to Michael Gambon taking over for the remaining six Harry Potter films, Harris played the grandfatherly headmaster in the first two films and many fans were delighted with the casting as he looked as so many fans imagined!

2) Alan Rickman – Severus Snape

Fans of Harry Potter were very saddened by Severus Snape’s loss, but Alan Rickman’s death was by far a bigger shock. Tragically, the actor passed away in January 2016 after receiving a confidential diagnosis of terminal cancer.

3) Robert Knox – Marcus Belby

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Knox, an English actor, played Marcus Belby. Tragically, Knox was fatally stabbed outside a London pub after getting involved in a fight to defend his brother.

Later, a documentary was produced on the actor’s tragic passing and the cast of the Potter films wore ribbons in his memory at the premiere.

4) Elizabeth Spriggs – The Fat Lady

Spriggs was well-known for portraying The Fat Lady, a living portrait who watches over the Gryffindor common area. Comedian Dawn French subsequently took over the part.

5) Timothy Bateson – Kreacher

Prior to his death in 2009, Bateson performed the voice of Kreacher, an elderly house elf, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

6) Alfred Burke – Armando Dippet

Alfred Burke, who was well-known for his roles as Frank Marker in Public Eye and subsequently as Armando Dippett, Dumbledore’s predecessor at Hogwarts, died in February 2011 at the age of 92.

7) Jimmy Gardner – Ernie Prang

In the third Harry Potter movie from 2004, Gardner, a WWII veteran who had been acting since the 1960s, played Knight Bus driver Ernie Prang.

8) Eric Sykes – Frank Bryce

Frank Bryce, a Muggle who lived in Little Hangleton, the same community which the Riddle family also called home, was portrayed by comic actor Eric Sykes. He worked as their gardener and eventually was the main suspect in the death of the family, but viewers will know he was innocent.

9) Richard Griffiths – (Uncle) Vernon Dursley

Richard Griffiths, a renowned British actor of theatre and cinema recognised for performances in The History Boys, Withnail and I, and Chariots of Fire, was the only person who could have brought Harry’s Uncle Vernon to life and fans loved to loathe him!

10) David Ryall – Elphias Doge

In the 2010 film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Ryall took over Peter Cartwright’s role as Elphias Doge, a member of the Order of the Phoenix but sadly passed away, 2014’s Christmas Day.

11) Dave Legeno – Fenrir Greyback

Fenrir Greyback was a werewolf and Death Eater with a sinister propensity for harming innocent youngsters, as the really die-hard fans would know. Tragically, the actor who played him passed away in July 2014 in Death Valley, California, after appearing in three Harry Potter films.

12) Roger Lloyd Pack – Barty Crouch Senior

Roger Lloyd Pack, who played Trigger in the enduring sitcom Only Fools and Horses, went on to play Barty Crouch Senior, a powerful Ministry of Magic official in the series furing Goblet of Fire.

13) Derek Deadman – Tom The Innkeeper

Derek Deadman, a character actor with more than 40 years of experience in the British entertainment business, created the role of Tom, the barman from The Leaky Cauldron, a pub in Diagon Alley.

14) Terence Baylor – The Blood Baron

The Bloody Baron, a ghost at Hogwarts who was originally a wizard also known as Phillip Strenger, was played by New Zealand actor Terence Bayler.

15) John Hurt – Ollivander

Hurt, a well-known English actor whose career spanned five decades including a pivotal part in the Doctor Who video, played the kind-hearted wandmaker Ollivander in the movie series.

16) Robert Hardy – Cornelius Fudge

Magical Minister Robert Hardy CBE, who had acting credentials in theatre, cinema, and television before his passing in 2017, played Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter movies.

17) Verne Troyer – Griphook

Verne Troyer played Mini Me in the Austin Powers movie, which is perhaps his most well-known role, but he also played Griphook in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone until Warwick Davies took over.

18) Helen McCrory – Narcissa Malfoy

Before her tragic passing in 2021, McCrory had amassed a large following because to her performances in films like Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series and Polly in Peaky Blinders.

19) Robbie Coltrane – Rubeus Hagrid

The world was in mourning in 2022 after learning of the passing of renowned Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane, who is best known for his role as Hagrid, the affable groundskeeper in the Harry Potter series.

20) Leslie Phillips – The Sorting Hat

Phillips was well-known for appearing in the Carry On films and for lending his voice to The Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter films. He passed away in November of last year after building a successful and protracted acting career.

21) Michael Gambon – Albus Dumbledore (2)

Sadly the news of Michael Gambon’s passing is so sudden and yet he contributed to 6 of the Harry Potter films after taking over from Richard Harris in which he showed a feistier side to the headmaster and fans came to love him. Not to mention his most famous quote ‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’

As fans of the wizarding world, we’ll always cherish the enchanting moments these actors gifted us. Let’s hold onto those memories, rewatch the films, and keep their magic alive in our hearts. After all, “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home,” as J.K. Rowling once said. And so will the enchanting performances of these dearly departed actors in the world of Harry Potter.

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