How To Stay Happy Even During Christmas


Many of us get stressed over the holidays trying to juggle work, family gatherings, numerous events plus the financial stress that come with those – but there are ways to stay happy even during Christmas.

While most of us feel a little down over the winter anyway, some people have a real clinical depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder which affects up to 6 per cent of the population according to research.

The shorter days and the lack of sunlight do more to our body than make us stay cosied up in bed over-snacking and eating Netflix. Weather and sunlight variations can impact our body’s rhythms and neurochemical balance affecting our sleep, our appetite and, obvs, our mood.

Credit: Marko Klaric via Pexels

Take care of the basics: sleep and a good diet

Sleep deprivation is proven to disrupt our emotional control and a healthy diet has a clear impact on our body and mind. Small things seem much more dramatic when we haven’t had a good night of sleep, as you’ve probably noticed. For reference, most people need eight hours’ sleep but each person is different so find what works for you.

We become more focused and productive when we sleep and eat well. It might feel as though you’re wasting time when sleeping, but we become more productive and focused when feeling good which makes us actually more productive. In sum, the better we sleep, the more productive we are!

Also, if you feel like you need to exercise as part of your basic routine, make sure to include that!

Save time for self-care

In case of emergency, you should put the mask on yourself before helping children and family. This applies both to that economic flight and your family and loved ones. You need to be well so that you can help others.

Psychiatrist John Sharp advises that you should find restorative routines involving what you like to do. Put down napping or taking a bath in your calendar and take those commitments as seriously as anything else. You (and your family) need it!

And, if you don’t trust me:

“Figure out what basics are going to help you get through the holidays and make them a priority,” Dr Sharp says.

Learn to set boundaries when family conflict arises during festivities

Although Christmas is a time for joy, all families have their conflicts so it’s natural to be triggered when your mum growls at you while watching your children fancying nothing but cheese. But there’s a healthy way to handle even that.

It is a great practice to teach your mum how to respect boundaries by pushing serious discussions to a later time. There is nothing wrong with nicely and respectfully telling someone: “I can see how you would feel that way. Shall we discuss this another time?”

Being patient is tough and it does take some practice, but you will be surprised by the positive reaction you get from acting calm and nice when conflict arises!

In conclusion, if you take care of your sleep, diet, exercise, self-care and psychological boundaries, you will feel much stronger to handle anything the holidays throw at ya. So, do that – as if that were an easy task (!) – and have a Merry Merry Christmas!

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