People warned about ‘Doomsday Fish’ theory after divers find 6-foot creature riddled with holes


People have been left unsettled after divers spotted a rare 6ft fish believed to be an omen of impending disasters. The peculiar creature, identified as a Russell’s Oarfish due to its elongated, silvery flat body covered in holes, was encountered by divers off Taiwan’s coast.

The fish is known as the Doomsday Fish. Credit: Jam Press

Russell’s Oarfish is often associated with a terrifying legend, earning it the nickname ‘Doomsday Fish.’ In Japanese mythology, it’s considered a harbinger of calamities such as tsunamis and earthquakes.

Typically dwelling at much greater depths, between 200m and 1000m, the fish’s appearance closer to the surface alarmed diving instructor Wang Cheng-Ru, who captured it on camera. Wang speculated that the oarfish might have ventured into shallow waters due to illness.

Addressing the folklore surrounding the Doomsday Fish, TikToker Dylan Page clarified that it’s believed to surface before earthquakes but stressed the lack of scientific evidence to support this theory.

The fish is known as the Doomsday Fish. Credit: Jam Press

Nonetheless, many were concerned about the recent sighting, with one person expressing, “I feel like this is a bad sign,” and another vowing, “I’m never going in the water again.”

The distinctive holes along the fish’s body are actually the result of bites from Cookiecutter Sharks, small creatures with circular jaws known for their gruesome feeding habits. They nibble at their prey’s skin until they tear out a circular chunk, leaving behind these marks.

Although the oarfish photographed by Wang may seem substantial, it’s considered relatively small in comparison to some specimens, which can grow up to eight meters in length, with unconfirmed sightings suggesting even larger sizes.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press