The Most Unusual Advent Calendars We Have Found Online


A Christian tradition dating back to 19th century Germany, advent calendars are the most fun you can have with your chocolates on, and here are the most unusual ones we could find.

Nowadays, we can find the most incredible variety of advent calendars, from Harry Potter-themed – complete with Slytherin keyholders and a Hogwarts ruler – to real-life, sexy or boozy ones, but the origin of advent calendars is almost as interesting as any Christmas gifts you can find online.

Advent calendars are believed to have started with people marking the days until Christmas with a line of chalk on their door or by burning a candle for the day. As time passed, people started hanging a devotional image every day until 1851, when the first known handmade, wooden advent calendar was created. From then on, the first printed Advent calendar was created by Gerhard Lang in the early 1900s, with the first chocolate advent calendar only appearing in 1958. Cadbury’s would only join in with its own creation in 1971.

On the whole, these wonderful little things are a mandatory Christmas tradition we all adore, even when they are not edible. For that reason, here are the most unusual advent calendars we could find online:

A real-life advent calendar in Wales

The Talybont Advent Calendar is a trail map on the village of Talybont where each house decorates a window that will be revealed on an allocated date. From 5 pm to 10 pm, people will be able to enjoy the lights on that window all the way up to Christmas Day!

The map that leads the way to a Merry Christmas! Credit: Alecsei Bo

A Harry Potter advent calendar

There are more Harry Potter advent calendars than there are catchphrases which is not a problem for us since “the more, the merrier”!

An HP advent calendar for a “magical” Christmas. Credit: Amazon

A retro radio advent calendar

Now, this Retro Radio Advent Calendar is as quirky as it gets. It’s a build-it-yourself retro radio in 24 parts. No, the parts are not made of chocolate, you little joker, you. Oh, deer.

After 24 days you get a real radio to play All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies. Credit: Menkind

A solar system advent calendar

Daily planet facts for 24 days straight? Tree-mendous! – see what I did there?

Science, it’s snow joke. Credit: Herbert Daly

A sssexy advent calendar

Self-love and self-care are underrated. Some Queens just know how to sleigh it. Sleigh it, Queen, sleigh it!

For a ssexy Xmas. Credit: Love Honey

A healing crystals advent calendar

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. If you don’t believe in healing crystals, get the elf out of here.

Your health is snow laughing matter, therefore, always consult your psychic before doing surgery. Credit: Amazon

A cabin advent calendar with little woodland creatures

This is a cabin with little woodland creatures for your tree. The person who posted it found it at a goodwill in Canada. Maybe this peculiar advent calendar is a look that soots you.

Love at frots sight. Credit: Danna Pfeifer

A Colin The Caterpillar advent calendar

Colin the caterpillar is where tradition meets contemporary, chocolate meets deliciousness and Christmas meets me.

It’s lit. Credit: Social Junkie

A dog treats advent calendar

If dogs could count the days until Christmas, this is how they would do it, I suppose. It’s the most wonderful time for a dog treat.

For Xmas’ best friend. Credit: The Pet Beastro

A whisky advent calendar

Booze, booze, more booze for 24 days up till Yuletide. Yule be hungover but cheery. Happy Chrismas!

A mistle-toast to the holiday season, everyone! Credit: Master of Malt