Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers All Under £25


The UK video game industry is now bigger than the video and music industries combined and we cannot continue to ignore our gamer family members, friends and acquaintances. Gamers, regardless of their Vitamin D deprived skins and vampiric behaviour, still deserve our respect or, at least, a little treat for Christmas.

We can no longer pretend that gamers are just nerds and gift them books. The gamer community has released an official announcement that they will no longer tolerate patronizing gifts like a voucher for a visit to the barbers. On the same line, money for them to “buy whatever they fancy” just won’t cut it any longer. Gamers are the newest invisible trend but they are here to stay.

If you are also tired of ignoring the biggest most neglected cultural trend since the uprising (was there a decline?) of heavy metal fans, here is a selection of affordable Christmas gifts for gamers.

  1. 2.5″ Mini Figure 8 Bit Mario

Every gamer worth their Xbox likes Mario. Too bad they don’t all dress like the Italian plumber. That would be fun, I reckon.

2. FF Dot: The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy

For them, Final Fantasy is as much of a classic as Shakespeare, is what I’m told. And this book is a hardcover, which is usually the biggest sign that a book is actually good.

3. Barsku Halloween Half Face Masks, Game Ghost of Tsushima Mask

Archaeologists have found some evidence that some gamers like to dress up and call themselves “cosplayers”. The scientists advise, however, that you should be cautious as not all gamers enjoy cosplaying. Be careful.

4. The Art of God of War

Gamers do read sometimes. Mainly during loo breaks. Mainly about video games. This is a good gift and you should get it for all gamers in your life.

5. Paladone Xbox Lamp

In case you are wondering, yes. Gamers do need light.

6. Gears of War 2021 Calendar

Yes, they also need to keep track of time. How else would they know when the next Final Fantasy is gonna drop?

7. Gamers Digital Mini Wireless Keyboard

Tools of the trade…

Hyperlink to photo: Gamers Digital Mini Wireless Keyboard

8. Halo Mythos

Another loo break.

9. Official Gears of War Helmet Mug

Gamers do drink out of mugs like anyone else. It’s just what they drink that’s different: it’s called gamer’s juice and it helps them kill the enemies.


This looks like a toy, but it is a collectable. Don’t. Ever. Call. It. A. Toy. Ever.