63-Year-Old Biohacker Who Claims To Have ‘Biological Age Of 43’ Shares His Evening Routine


His daily routine knocks off 20 years!

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The evening routine of a biohacker who claims to have reversed the ageing process by decades has been made public. He claims that this routine has been crucial in helping him hold off the passing of time.

If you’ve never heard of biohacking, you’re in for a treat. It’s a technique that some people employ to extend their lives or fight the effects of ageing.

They accomplish this using a range of techniques and approaches, which often include a strict and quick diet as well as exercise, sleep monitoring, and the use of technology.

If it helps these folks live years longer and preserve their freshness well into those years, we’ll all be laughing on the other side of our faces, won’t we? It’s easy to be cynical about these kinds of things, and it’s fun.

Dr. Mark Hyman claims that despite being 63 years old, examinations reveal that he is biologically a man of 43 years old.

He attributes his success to a good diet, frequent exercise, and a few more slightly strange practises.

But in the evenings, when he prepares to go to bed, he declares that he simply wants to keep things straightforward.

For some of us, that might mean curling up with a book and a cup of tea, but for Dr. Hyman, it means managing his stress levels and resetting his neurological system to improve his sleep.

How does he complete what doesn’t seem to be a simple task?

He described in an interview with MailOnline how he turns off all gadgets at 7:00 p.m., eats a balanced dinner that includes vegetables, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, takes a hot bath, and practises meditation.

Environmental elements are also present.

He believes that having a clean bedroom, a good eye mask, and an air conditioner are essential.

He explained: “My evening routine is a wind down really. I turn off screens a couple of hours before bed.

“I like to take a hot bath. [The aim is to] help reset my nervous system.”

During the lunch, he permits himself to use his phone, but afterward, it is taken away and the “electronics watershed” begins.

He has around two hours before going to bed to take care of housework, read, or go for a walk.

Then, at 9:00 p.m., bath time arrives.

The Epsom salts and lemon oil in the bath are intended to reduce muscle tension and eliminate pore-clogging bacteria.

Before going to bed, he meditates and then consumes magnesium glycinate.

By the way, that supplement is meant to lower stress.

Then it’s off to bed with an eye mask and earplugs in.

Studies say that the bath notion is fantastic because it generates a heat purge from the body and lowers its temperature, which results in deeper sleep. There is a lot of science to support all of this.

We sleep better in cooler temps, therefore that air conditioner is really fantastic.

He’s also onto something with his suggestion to ban screens, which is obviously a huge one for sleep experts.

Sleep is crucial to maintaining our health and slowing the effects of ageing, so perhaps there is some validity to the entire biohacking concept after all.

Even so, sticking with it requires a lot of work and seems to require a fairly manageable life.

Fair play if you can, but many people will undoubtedly not be able to.

Biohacker Spending $2M A Year To look Like Teenager Is Getting His Manhood Injected

Would you get injections in your manhood?

Meet Bryan Johnson, the biohacker on a $2 million-a-year mission to turn back the clock and look younger. But this isn’t your average anti-aging routine; he’s taken it to the next level with what he playfully calls “rejuvenating Johnson’s Johnson.” Yes, you read that right!

Credit: Youtube / Bryan Johnson

At 46 years old, Bryan claims to have the biological age of an 18-year-old. He’s so confident in his anti-aging methods that he’s turned it into a career with his very own “Project Blueprint.” And this isn’t a one-man show – he’s got a squad of 30 doctors led by the Cambridge-based anti-aging guru, Dr. Oliver Zolman. They’re keeping tabs on everything from his blood to his brain, all in the name of staying young.

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Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Bryan’s peculiar routine. He starts his day by swallowing a whopping 80 vitamins and mineral supplements. And his diet? Well, it’s a precise 1,977-calorie affair featuring 70 pounds of mashed veggies per month, almond milk, walnuts, flaxseed, and berries.

Watch more of Johnson’s journey here:

But wait, there’s more! Bryan exercises for at least 30 minutes every day, hits the hay at a strict 8:30 pm, zaps away skin sun damage with lasers, and even gives his pelvic floor muscles a little electromagnetic workout. Oh, and he’s got a clip-on gadget to keep his stress levels in check – talk about commitment!

But here’s the jaw-dropper: Bryan’s latest adventure involves his prized possession – yes, his penis. He’s giving it a little boost with some “injections” to achieve a “prolonged erection” and who knows what else. He even coined it “Rejuvenating Johnson’s Johnson” on Twitter. Talk about a bold move!

Credit: X / Bryan Johnson

Curious about the specifics? Well, Bryan spilled the beans on Twitter, mentioning they’re looking at things like penile artery blood flow, ejaculation volume, max urination speed, and sperm motility. But let’s agree to never utter the phrase “penis plaque check” again, shall we?

When someone dared to ask about his “baseline for ejaculation volume” (because, of course, that’s a normal conversation), Bryan nonchalantly replied that it’s 3.0 mL, with anything over 1.4 mL considered normal.

Credit: Youtube / Bryan Johnson

As expected, reactions poured in from all corners of the internet. Some questioned if this is where society was headed, while others simply deemed it “not normal.” It’s safe to say that Bryan probably won’t face stiff competition when it comes to finding volunteers for his unique experiment – it might just be a “hard sell” after all!

So, whether you’re intrigued or utterly bewildered, one thing’s for sure – Bryan Johnson’s journey to eternal youth is anything but ordinary.

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