Boss Uses ‘Salt And Pepper Test’ During Job Interviews To Judge A Person’s Character


We’ve all been subjected to those ridiculous, random interview questions that prospective employers believe tell something about our character.

In preparation for a significant interview, some people spend hours polishing their resume or practising possible questions, but this is something that no one could have anticipated.

One user shared on Reddit that their former employer used to hinge the outcome of an entire interview on what they liked to term the “salt and pepper test.”

I’m ready, Gordon Ramsay!

“A company I once worked for conducts all-day interviews with a number of people, and one of them is always a lunch interview,” they stated.

“I heard about a guy who would base his entire judgement on whether the individual he was interviewing tested their cuisine before adding salt, pepper, hot sauce, etc.

“You didn’t get a pass from him if you didn’t try your food first,” she said.

How bored must this guy have been for that to be the most odd thing we have ever heard?

The former employee wasn’t really certain why their previous boss placed such a high value on this exam, but they assumed it something to do with people trying something without passing judgement on it beforehand.They added: “Glad I didn’t interview with him because I pretty much always add pepper to stuff.”

But this isn’t the only boss with weird interview techniques.The next one, however, has slightly more grounding.

Former boss of Xero Australia, Trent Innes, said that this interview-hack revealed everything he needed to know about a potential employee.

He remarked, “I will always take you for a walk down to one of our kitchens and somehow you always end up walking away with a drink,” in an interview with The Venture podcast.

“After that, we take that back and conduct our interview. One thing I always check for at the conclusion of the interview is whether the interviewer wants to carry the empty cup back to the kitchen.

“You can acquire knowledge, experience, and skills, but attitude is really what matters most.”

In order to prepare for your next interview, keep the following in mind:

Never put salt or pepper on your lunch before trying, and always wash up the coffee cup, and you know all the other unimportant stuff like how many years experience you have and your transferable skills.