Inside The Iconic Big Brother House Before The New Series Begins


The series begins on Sunday!

Watch some old housemates discussing the new series below:

Before the new series premieres, Big Brother viewers can now get a sneak preview of the brand-new home.

Today on Good Morning Britain, Richard Arnold gave viewers a preview of the new home where the ITV2 series’ housemates will reside.

In contrast to past years, when the show first aired on Channel 4 before shifting to Channel 5, the team creating the house has given sustainability a lot of consideration.

Rainwater that has been collected in an outdoor water tank is used to fill the jacuzzi.

Richard said the living room was “vast” and the notorious drama-inspiring Diary Room had the “biggest chair he’s ever seen,” despite the fact that he was prohibited from entering the home and it was plainly on production.

He disclosed that they originally intended to install a transparent bath in the bathroom but changed their minds because it would have required importation from China.

The house this year also has an outside fireplace; beware, Love Island—they’re coming for you!

Big Brother has announced that the housemates would have access to one-on-one mental health support sessions before, during, and after the show, which is another moral decision.

Since they have said that the group will include members from a variety of backgrounds, they have all undergone inclusivity training before going into the home this weekend.

Similar to Love Island, the participants’ family and friends have been asked by the producers not to post anything on their behalf on social media.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about her new role, AJ said: “I’m so excited to finally be able to say that, yes: I’m hosting Big Brother! I couldn’t be happier.

“Following in the footsteps of some of my favourite broadcasting legends to front such an iconic show is an absolute honour – and to do it alongside my amazing friend Will is the icing on the cake.”

Will Best said: “I grew up with Big Brother so getting a chance to host it with my mate AJ is a dream come true. I can’t wait to tell some housemates not to swear.”

Paul Mortimer, ITV2 and ITVX’s head of reality commissioning, has stated that AJ and Will “really are our perfect pairing as we prepare to reintroduce Big Brother to the next generation.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with them both again. They have a real chemistry, and we know they’ll both bring wit, charm, and tonnes of character to their roles.”

This season’s roommates have not yet been revealed.

Woman Creates All-Black House Saying Colour ‘Stresses Her Out’

She certainly doesn’t like any colour!

After stating that colour “stresses her out,” one US lady made her home the talk of the community by painting the entire inside and outside of her home black.

In order to fully renovate their 1850s Baltimore home, artist Vee Miller and her husband Derek chose to paint it jet-black after purchasing it and it’s beautiful!

Credit: Instagram:@herblackhome

I’m literally obsessed with the colour black. Like, I couldn’t live life without it,’ said the creator Vee Miller, who explained the process she went through to create the properties interior.

Colour stresses me out. Every colour has a different mood and feel. I literally wear all black. I have two tops that have crazy colours but they very rarely come out. I just love the darkness and moodiness of [black]. I think it’s very elegant, even sexy to some. And then there’s people who quite disagree

In our upper level, where the two bedrooms are, and a bathroom – that’s about 80 percent black. Both bathrooms are all black. And then our bedroom is literally all black. The walls, the bedding, like, everything is solid black, and the kitchen’s all black

Vee’s unconventional house has brought her over 100,000 TikTok fans in addition to her more than 15,000 Instagram followers (@herblackhome).

Vee gives video tours of the property  just like the one below that showcase all her black interior.

While many people are in awe of Vee’s mansion’s show, she has also received some very harsh criticism from the public, including one commenter who likened it to “the devil’s house.”

Fortunately, Vee has “very understanding neighbours” who adore having her gothic home on their street and she said ‘I was a little worried for the homeowners, like, they thought, like, this was going to hurt the value of their home.’

But fact, everyone adores this house so much that it has become the topic of conversation in the area and has its own Facebook page and Vee is very certain that her all-black decor has encouraged others to do the same.

Vee and her husband have now sold their Baltimore home and moved to another property where they are creating the same black and white interiors with some new twists.

You can follow their journey on TikTok and Instagram at @herblackhome

Home Depot Reveals 13-Foot Jack Skellington Figure For Halloween 2023

Caitlyn Jenner Shares The ‘Sad’ Truth About The Kardashians

Caitlyn Jenner has bared the shocking and heart-wrenching truth about her tumultuous relationship with Kris Jenner in a jaw-dropping interview on the sensational daytime TV show This Morning.

The former Olympic champion, now aged 73, and the iconic Kardashian matriarch, aged 67, were entangled in a tumultuous marriage that lasted a staggering 22 years, producing two offspring who have since become global sensations: Kendall Jenner, aged 27, and Kylie Jenner, aged 26.

Their tempestuous relationship was a spectacle for the world to witness on the wildly popular reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

But now, Caitlyn Jenner has dropped a bombshell on the world by revealing the heartbreaking state of her relationship with Kris. With a heavy heart, Caitlyn confessed to the stunned hosts of This Morning: “Well, Kris, I really never talk to anymore. Yeah, it’s sad. If there’s any communication, my manager kind of talks to her.”

The reality star went on to shock the audience by admitting that she is ‘much closer’ to her children on the Jenner side: Brody, Brandon, Burt, and Cassandra Marino. She continued, “When you have as many kids as I have, you’re closer to some than you are to others. Through that side of the family [Kardashians], I certainly see them. We do this, we do that. I’m much closer to the Jenner side, with Brandon and Brody and my son, Burt, my daughter Casey… but, yeah, Kris… I really don’t have any more contact with her.”

In another astonishing revelation, Caitlyn reminisced about her initial encounter with Kris, which occurred before her transition, when she was still known as Bruce. She divulged, “I had been single for six years, and really kind of struggling with myself and who I was and how I fit into the world. I was just turning 40 and met Kris on a blind date, we hit it off from day one. Was it love at first sight? Pretty close to that, yes. I was totally impressed with her and how she lived her life – she had four kids, I had four kids… and we got married five and a half months later! It was very quick.”

Caitlyn’s shocking appearance on This Morning was to create buzz around her upcoming three-part tell-all documentary series, House of the Kardashians. This explosive series will feature never-before-seen archival footage and interviews from the inner circle of the Kardashian family while delving into the seismic impact Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé have had on modern-day culture, propelling them to become household names.

A teaser of the documentary featuring Caitlyn has already sent shockwaves through the entertainment world. When asked what it was like to work with her ex-wife, the former Olympian responded with a sly smile, a pause that left viewers hanging, and a hearty laugh before uttering, “Good question.”

Get ready to have your world rocked because House of the Kardashians is set to premiere on Sky Documentaries on Sunday, October 8. Brace yourselves for a jaw-dropping journey through the tumultuous Kardashian dynasty that will leave you stunned and speechless.