Ulrika Jonsson Says Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dating Controversy Gives Her The ‘Creeps’


The 48-year-old Oscar winner is known for dating younger women and then abruptly breaking up with them after they age 25.

He was recently spotted at a release party for Ebony Riley’s new EP with 19-year-old Israeli model Eden Polani.

Because of all the negative feedback he has received as a result, Jonsson is now giving her perspective on the matter.

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She calls the Titanic star’s associations with younger women “sickening” in her piece for The Sun.

The former contestant of Celebrity Big Brother writes: “I know I’m not the only one who finds Leonardo DiCaprio’s pursuit of much younger women not just distasteful but also sickening.”

“The idea that I might date or, God forbid, be in a relationship with an 18 to 19-year-old man does not only feel wrong and counterintuitive, but just a step too far.

“Why would I want to be with a man so young? I’m afraid it gives me the creeps.”

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The TV host is hardly the only famous person to openly criticise DiCaprio for his romances.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor was called “creepy” by comedian Katherine Ryan during a Twitter conversation with his followers.

A tweet from Dr. Charlotte Proudman, the campaign’s director, was reposted by the 8 out of 10 Cats panellist. 

The tweet reads: “Not enough people are talking about Leonardo DiCaprio who is almost 50 ‘getting close’ to a 19-year-old teenage girl.”

This led to Ryan commenting: “This is literally all I’ve talked about for SEVEN YEARS.”

Since DiCaprio and Polani are both “adults,” a critic questioned what the “crime” was. The comic responded: “No crime, just a creepy pattern.”

She then joked: “This year, Titanic became too old for Leonardo DiCaprio to be in it.”

When it comes to dating, DiCaprio has drawn criticism because many admirers have observed that he only seems to date women who are 25 or younger.

They also realised that as soon as they turn 25, he dumps them.

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The model-turned-actress Camila Morrone and the Inception star split up last year shortly after Camila turned 25 and defended their relationship in public.

Age wasn’t a problem or a factor when the couple was dating, she told the Los Angeles Times.

Morrone told the outlet: “There’s so many relationships in Hollywood⁠ – and in the history of the world⁠ – where people have large age gaps.

“I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date.”

Since the breakup, DiCaprio has been linked to both Polani and model Gigi Hadid, 27.